Maxwell AU is recording artist and a worshipper and also the founder of the Victorious Worshippers group. He stands amongst the new breeds of worship giants that God has raised in this generation. He has been graced with the ability to blend contemporary praise and worship into African music yet carrying the full meaning and purpose of it.  He has been leading his audience into the seasoned presence of God in worship through the help of the Holy Spirit. With his recent release of, “Dependable God” this fall, he has continued to promote a fresh experience in the adoration of God Almighty with emphasizes on Love and Grace bestowed on us by our Heavenly Father. We had the honor of getting to know Maxwell, his music, and his purpose a bit better in the exclusive interview below!

Entertwine: Could you give us some insight into your musical background? You are from Nigeria, correct? What was it like growing up in Nigeria?

Maxwell AU: I started with drums at the about the age of 8. I pretty much had access to the musical instruments growing up as a PK. At age 10, my father asked the church organist to tutor us to play the piano, it was challenging learning how to read music notes but because of the love I had for music, I held on and I kept practicing. I wanted to play at weddings and social functions, so that motivated me to keep going. I moved to Malaysia and while I was there, my younger brother & I did a single called “Jesu we Ovie” (Jesus you are KING). I moved to Canada years later and taught myself to play the bass guitar. I also took some singing lessons to improve myself. I am still a work in progress and I give God the glory.

ET: You moved to Malaysia to continue studying computer science in 2009 and then moved to Ontario, Canada in 2011 to found the Victorious Worshippers group; how have all these incredibles experiences shaped and influenced you, both personally and musically? What inspired you to begin creating music in the first place?

M: Personally, it wasn’t difficult for me to adapt to the people, because I have good interpersonal skills and I fear God. This has made working with my team great. I would say that all these have made me a better leader. The Inspiration behind my music is God. However, He used someone to awaken the gift inside of me right here in Canada.
What got me started is the love I developed for live worship and what comes as a result of that experience. I love to see people happy and uplifted from the burdens of the world. I just want to share the experience of the joy of worship with both believers and unbelievers.

ET: What led to the writing and recording of your new album “Dependable God”? What can you tell us about the two singles (‘I Will Sing’ in December 2013 and ‘Jesu We O’ Vie’ in October 2010) you’ve also released?

M: Dependable God is a baby that was infused in my spirit in January 2013, which needed to be birthed. There had been a sound of worship in my spirit that was ready to be released into the atmosphere and I knew it was time for it. Well, “I will sing” was my second single after two years of silence in my career, and I needed to tell the world that I am still here, but now I have been caught up in the Holy Ghost. However, this song was written by my brother, Prince Micah and he gave it to me. The words of the songs spoke to me about my condition then. I did the song and released it on December 3rd 2013 and in February it was selected to be played in Creature Café radio show in Virginia and it is still being played. In October 2010, after going through a rough period including an auto accident, I decided right in a friend’s room that I wanted to try God, to see what He has for me. It wasn’t long after that I joined my brother in the recording of his album, “Jesu we Ovie.”

ET: What was it like filming the music video for your song ‘Hallelujah’? What was it like working with Faith Eze?

M: Wow! “Hallelujah”, this song wasn’t planned to be on this album. It is a song I woke up with; some few days after we removed a song on the list due to copyright. We left hallelujah to be the last song to be recorded because we wanted it to be acoustic and live.
The decision to do a video came up on our second day in the studio. I and my producer, David, had a brief talk about it and asked the studio engineer to link us up with video production companies around. There were a number of them he gave us; we finally used Pastorius Media due to availability and quality. I would say it was fun filming but stressful because we had to start all over from the top due to live recording. Yes! It was an honor working with my Friend, a great vocalist and a woman of God. She was spot on from the beginning when I told her we would be doing a duet. Faith Eze added flavor to the Hallelujah. The only thing I can about her is that she is a very easy going person just like me.

ET: What do the remaining months of 2014 hold in store for for Maxwell AU? Do you have any upcoming performance dates scheduled?

M: The remaining part of this year holds more opportunities, greatness, exposure, happiness, promotion and Joy unspeakable from this album and the rest of my endeavors. More importantly, I and my team will be networking with different event organizers in my genre, and also planning a tour from December to mid next year. A man once said; “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve”. I believe greatness is my mine.
On November 14th, 2014, I and my team will be performing at the IN HIS PRESENCE 2014 concert in Windsor, ON, with over 2,000 people at the WFCU-Center Windsor, alongside Tye Tribbett and William McDowell and other artists.

I will also be in Delta State, Nigeria from December 22nd -26th, performing at another concert that is being put together by G-next.

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