Hamed Rahimi, better known by the stage name “Mayze” is an 18 year old hip-hop artist born in Kabul, Afghanistan. After a move to Toronto, Canada at a young age, Mayze decided then to pursue a career in music, particularly Hip-Hop. Mayze released his debut mixtape entitled, “Timeless” on December 12, 2013. With Hip-Hop becoming overly saturated with plenty of artists putting out mixtapes and singles that sound generic, Mayze’s focus strives on  innovation and the idea of bringing a refreshing sound to the table. Coming from “a whole different world,” Mayze doesn’t believe that the world has ever been portrayed and expressed through music yet, and that’s what sets him apart from the rest. We asked Mayze a few questions about his rising hip-hop career, and how his musical upbringing overseas has influenced him as an artist.

Entertwine: What got you into the hip-hop scene?

Mayze: Listening to College Dropout by Kanye West, that album inspired me to learn more about Hip-Hop and from then on it’s just been the genre of choice.

ET: What was your music upbringing like? Do you play any instruments?

M: My music upbringing was just me looking for music to download on lime-wire, putting in on an MP3 and listening to it walking to school. I played saxophone but never got into it or let alone try, I regret it now though.

ET: How has living in Afghanistan at a young age then moving to Toronto, Canada influenced your style of music?

M: It gave me a much broader perspective to the real world, as far as the writing process and subject matter goes. It taught me not to stay away from the glorification of violence, that’s not something I’d want to promote especially not when you see it first-hand.

ET: What is the main element or message you try to bring out in your music?

M: I don’t think there is any main element, as far as right now I just want to put out good music that people can relate to. I don’t want to box myself in as one type of thing, I like to be introspective, but at the same time I like to have fun. If there is any message, it would be to just stay true to who you are, we all make flaws, and we’re all human that’s the one thing that will always be in my music.

ET: Tell us a little about your latest mixtape, “Timless.” What is your favorite track, and why?

M: Timeless is just me looking for recognition and showing listeners why I deserve it. Throughout the album I was just playing around with different instrumentals, flows, and concepts and trying to develop my own sound. My favorite track changes with every listen, but right now it would have to be “Smoke Some”. If you hear that instrumental by itself, it’s really slow and melodic as it was built for a singer. It’s really unorthodox as it’s just me rapping fast, and trying to be lyrical with the verses. It was just different from what you expect, that’s one of the examples of trying to bring refreshing sounds with this mixtape.


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