Michael A. Galianos is a singer/songwriter from Bergenfield, NJ. He has recorded one EP and two albums since 1997, beginning with the EP “Feel”, under the moniker of M.A.G. (Mad Ass Greecians). In 2006, he released his first full length, “Cerebral Snapshots”. In 2011, he released his second album, “Beautiful Discovery”. His sound is melodious pop/rock, along the vein of The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Big Star, with the occasional delve into the experimental. His new single Island Dreams was released world wide in mid March of this year.

Entertwine: How did you get your start into music? What drew you to pick up the guitar and start singing?

Michael Gallianos: I started playing guitar at 14 years of age . What drew me to pick up the guitar was listening to Kiss Crazy Nights and hearing Bruce Kulick’s amazing guitar work , after that I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

ET: Who are some of your influences when writing and performing, why?

MG: The Beatles, Bruce Kulick, Starz, Def Leppard, Alice Cooper. They’re all incredible songwriters.

ET: You are from Bergenfield, NJ but you have greek roots. Have these roots influenced you or your music over the years?

MG: Absolutely, along with the Rock bands that I grew up listening too my dad and I used to listen to some amazing Greek artists like Manolis Chiotis. I some times end my solos trying to emulate him.

ET: Since you kickstarted your music career in the 90’s, you have recorded one EP and two albums. Your first release was the EP, “Feel.” Can you tell us a bit about this EP, and how you have evolved since this release as a musician?

MG: Feel was like if you took the Beatles, Nirvana and the Ramones and put them in the blender you would end up with feel. My friend Bob and I wrote all the songs. Second Thought was a fun silly kind of song, Distress was about a female super hero who is in need of a vacation and Feel was a dark dreamy song about feeling abandoned sort of the party pooper of the EP :). My writing has become much more focused since Feel.

ET: How would you describe your sound? How do you believe your listeners describe your sound? If you could describe in three words what would they be?

MG: I would describe my sound as an amalgamation of Pop, Rock, Country and Experimental. The Beatles meet, The Beach Boys who run into Big Star who run into Pavement and invite some other craziness to join in.

ET: Fast forward to most recent years – It wasn’t until 2006 when you released your first full length, “Cerebral Snapshots.” – then in 2011 you released your second album, “Beautiful Discovery.” How were these albums different than your past work?

MG: On the first full album Cerebral Snapshots was a much darker sounding album. We had a blast writing it but the songs just came out much edgier and darker. The second full length album Beautiful Discovery was heavily influenced by the 60’s era British bands and also had some experimental elements to it. It was a concept album that I hope to one day make into film.


ET: As the Beach Boys and Beatles as a few of your influences, how do you feel you’ve brought through these influences through your work? And how do you feel that you make it your own?

MG: They just sort of naturally come through. I mean when I was around 15 I used to watch and listen to the Beatles all the time and mimic the Liverpool accent around the house while pretending I was John Lennon. The Beatles just come through without even trying. The Beach Boys just the harmonies and experimenting I guess along with recording with a surf board in the room :). My personality that always comes through in my writing make my sound my own, it’s not a carbon copy of those bands there’s just elements of them in my music.


ET: Your most recent single, “Island Dreams,” was just recently released worldwide. What can you tell us about this single?

MG: My new single Island Dreams is a really happy song about a journey and about love and finding love. It’s about Island Dreams.

ET: Do you plan on releasing any full lengths or EP’s in the near future to branch off of this new single? If so, what can listeners expect?

MG: I will be releasing another full length album late 2014 or early 2015. Listeners can expect a fun musical journey that gives you a swift and powerful kick and hopefully leaves you wanting more.

ET: What future plans can we expect from Michael A. Galianos?

MG: Just more music, more collaborations and more fun and adventure than you can handle 🙂

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