10484167_350651288451022_8917822363922326487_oFloat along to the dreamy sound of Toronto’s Midday Swim. Their songs combine lush vocals, atmospheric guitars and a driving rhythm section. The bands debut EP, was recorded in a cabin by the lake out in the backwoods of Ontario. Always writing and rehearsing, Midday Swim can often be found enjoying a slice of pizza or lounging in the park. This time, we caught David and Sebastian of Midday Swim in a moment of free time to interview them and get to know a bit more about the band, and their latest EP release.

How did the members of the band meet and begin writing and performing music together? Could you tell us a bit about your individual musical backgrounds? What is the significance of the band’s moniker?

DAVID: Well, most of us in the band actually went to high school together. Some of us we’re even buds since grade school. Seb (guitar, vocals), Stephan (keys, vocals), and I have been playing music together since our first band, Happy Party in grade 11. Craig (bass, vocals), and Max (drums) also played together in a band in high school and over the years we have been in different music projects together. Collectively we have hundreds of shows under our belts. All of the members in Midday Swim also teach music on the side whether it’s guitar, piano, drums, or vocals.

As for our band name, Midday Swim was said by our bass player Craig’s girlfriend during our recording session in a cabin in the backwoods of Ontario. The name has an easy going feel and reminds people to have fun.

What is it like living in Toronto, Canada? What is the music scene of your hometown and the surrounding area like?

SEBASTIAN: Toronto is a beautiful city. It is very multicultural and has a great music scene. There are always shows to play at or go and watch, and annual festivals like NXNE, Canadian Music Week, and Field Trip that draws out tons huge audiences. The Canadian music scene is tight. We have a lot of close friends in the scene and we love seeing Canadian bands doing well.

The band is currently finishing up work on a debut album, correct? What life experiences and events led to the writing and recording of this record? What was it like recording the album on a lake in Ontario? What was it like filming the music video for ‘Summer Eyes’?

DAVID: We are finishing our EP now and we are very excited for its release in 2015. Writing, recording and performing as a band feels very natural because we have known each other for so long and played music together over the years. Recording the album by a lake was a really special experience. We enjoyed every moment of it. Our breaks from recording would often involve us hanging out around a fire, making meals together and if course, going for a swim.

Filming our debut music video “Summer Eyes” was a fun experience. We worked really well with our director and friend Noam Kroll. We woke up really early in the morning and didn’t stop filming until after dinner. Our favourite part was the paint battle scene. We genuinely had a lot of fun throwing powdered paint at each other.

What does 2015 hold in store for Midday Swim? Do you have any upcoming performances scheduled?

SEBASTIAN: We have another music video coming out soon and our EP will be released before the summer. We have a couple showcases coming up and we’re looking forward to playing festivals and touring after the EP drops. Check out our website and Facebook page for updates on our tour schedule.

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