“Miggs” from the movement called 98KB is a rising music artist from Clermont, Fl which is in central Florida. He started rapping at any early age but started taking things really serious earlier this year coming out with 5 epic music videos so far. He brings a raw, unique flow, something we haven’t heard from in this rap industry. With his current solo music video called “Gotta Get out” hitting the scene, it has gained numerous feed back as well as his current group collaboration with some of the 98KB members Valente, Zae Da Kid, Merlot, J-eles, with a music video called “98KB Anthem” (Prod. Desoill). We sat downt to speak with Miggs about all of his upcoming and current ventures in the scene. Enjoy.

Entertwine: Could you tell us a bit about your background? 2014 has been a busy year for you; what inspired you to begin pursuing music so fervently?

Miggs: Well I’m Jamaican and I lived there until I was 10, I’m a 90’s baby! At that age of 10 I moved to the United States with my family where I lived in Miami for 3 years. From there I moved to Clermont, FL which is about 20 mins from Orlando. I’ve always been in to music I remember performing for my Grandma in Miami, I use to grab a pen and pretended it was mic haha. She said you will be a performer and that never left me like she never left my side. I use to be in a group called DBZ I was about 17 and the name came from our rap names haha my lil bro his name was Du, I was BP, and my friend was Zhado. Back then it wasn’t too serious but after hearing a lot of garbage on the radio, people getting noticed for no reason and etc…it got me hyped for a change so me and lil bro (Valente) started to take it serious from there in 2014.

ET: What was it like growing up in Central Florida? What can you tell us about the music scene of your hometown compared to the music scene of Central Florida in general?

Miggs: Growing up in central was okay, Clermont is a small town but it’s known as the “Gem of Hills” and everyone knew everyone which was crazy so a lot of secrets weren’t secrets. I’m sure a lot of people have black mail on each other haha. Our town got people trying to do they own thing to make it out which is why I made the song “Gotta Get Out”. I feel the music scene is expanding here especially since we (98kb) been coming out with quality content I see a lot more people going after this music life. A lot of us have studios everywhere so we mess with people from the O all the time. From here in Clermont you got Team Wavey, you got my young spitta Jnuff doing his thing, TiVidette, DJ Exclusive, My engineer E Matthews, Tmasc, CJ, J up, my producer Desoill from 98kb, just a few names right now trying to go out and of course us, everyone in 98kb is killing it.


ET: Who are your biggest musical influences? Why?

Miggs: My biggest music influences growing up was Juelz Santana, T.I. Wiz Khalifa, they had their own unique flow that kept me waiting for more, plus I watched them get to the top from grinding from the beginning. But since 2012 I been listening to G herbo aka lil herb, lil bibby, LA, speaker knockerz and the whole chiraq movement. There just kids going after it like I am so I can relate.

ET: What can you tell us about each of the music videos you’ve been featured in (’98KB’ (with Chiraq), ‘Don’t Mean That’, ’98KB Anthem’, ‘Gotta Get Out’, ‘Laughing at the Top’)? What went into the production of each of these finished products?

Miggs; The video “Don’t Mean That” was shot at a famous carnival in town called Pig on the pond which included Me, Valente, and Zae Da Kid. We wanted to hit the town with something big so pig on the pond we felt was a big occasion with a lot of people there. This was our first Music Video and its basically about people talking sh** but they don’t really mean that. Laughing at the top with Valente and I was shot at my engineers crib with us spazzing out in front of the camera. It’s about talking what were about like providing for our fam, grinding everyday and making it happen, while we laugh at the top while the opponents below us. Chiraq 98kb which included Valente and I came about with it being a house scene. The visual shows two couples in the living room and we represent people in the world. We screem, point in their faces and act disrespectful but they aren’t fazed by none of it. We call those a power couple, no matter how much the world degrades the relationship they aren’t letting the world bother them. 98kb the anthem was shot at the Orlando malls with us performing everywhere we went and the reaction we received was all love. It’s about us being on that 98kbsh** The video consisted of Me, Valente, Zae Da Kid, Merlot and J-eles with Desoill on the beat, with E Matthews our camera man and Engineer handling all the production. The video Miggs – Got to Get Out was shot in a car while driving through a storm. The feel of the video is trying to get out of any situation your currently in. Mine is the music as I’m trying to get out there to be more known and have my music reach a higher level. The metaphor is the storm, I was driving through the storm and I told my girl Kassie just to record on the spot while I’m driving through this storm trying to get out.

ET: Can you tell us about the overall message or lyrical theme to the verses you write and record on?

Miggs: The overall massage I’m trying to bring is positivity. Positive vibes can and a positive mentality can carry you far in this industry because of a lot of negativity is out there. I want to inspire people to want more and go get it. It all depends on the beat and the emotion and feeling at the time will determine the lyrics I bring out. Some lyrics talks about my life, some talks about giving advice, some are strictly metaphors like a straight shooter. Every line I do spit does have meaning behind so don’t take it as face value, trust me.

ET: What has it been like working with producers J. Philly, $ivrem, IDBEATZ, and Desoill on your releases?

Miggs; There are a lot of great producers out there and working with all of them is amazing. Some beats can speak to you, and the verse and chorus just comes to my head automatically. Choosing beats from these producers has definitely helped me bring out my message. One producer named Desoill is now a part of the 98kb fam which he came up with that beat for the song called “the 98kb anthem”.

ET: What can you tell us about your involvement with the collective 98KB?

Miggs: 98kb movement came from me and Valente. We started this movement just by being positive and 98 came from your body temperature. We took out the .6 and left it 98, it basically represents a place where you need to be at to feel just right like your temperature. People say “turn up” or “I’m drunk” and other lingos but we just say “98” I’m on that 98” “On that 98kbsh**. If someone says there on 72 then you need to get up to that 98 to feel good or if you feel you’re on 101 that means your over doing it, get back down to 98. The KB has several different meanings but the main one is kakorrhaphiophobia Breakers. Kakorrhaphiophobia means the fear of failing, and the B stands for breakers which means were breaking that fear of failing. The members in 98kb follows: Me, Valente, Zae Da Kid, Merlot, J-eles and two new members the producer Desoill and Chris. We all have different roles, me, Valente, Zae Da Kid, Chris Merlot are the rappers, J-eles is the singer and Desoill the producer.

ET: What is your favorite social networking platform? Why?

Miggs: My favorite social network is definitely Twitter. You can meet numerous amount of connects that way, from event planners, to AR reps, to celebrities the limit is endless. You can tweet them anytime and sometimes they respond. It’s a great way to get your music out.

ET: What hobbies and activities do you enjoy outside of music?

Miggs: Outside of music I enjoy playing soccer since I grew up playing it since Jamaica thats my other passion, relaxing with my homies, going to events, movies and chilling with my girl.

 ET: What do the remaining months of 2014 hold in store for Miggs? Do you have any upcoming live performances or plans to record and release new material? Maybe a full-length mixtape is on the horizon for Miggs?

Miggs: For these remaining months look out for me dropping new stuff left and right, got a few music videos I’m coming out with before the year is complete. I have done 5 shows with the rest of the 98kb team so far and at least 7 more before the year is complete. A new Music Video called “Weed on Me” will be with the 98kb fam dropping in November and “She’s Paradise’ in December. These last few months I have my freestyle dropping called “The Greatest” 2 more singles called “Eyes of a Legend” and “Which way to go” which will all be visuals. I will have a mixtape dropping later next year 2015 called “Destination 98” .

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