We love featuring drummers here on Entertwine, and 23 year old Mike Smith has an impressive background in music that we wanted to know more about! Brought up in Mahone Bay Nova Scotia, Canada, Mike was introduced to music at a young age, then took up drums around age 12. He is currently in alternative rock band Dockyard Boxer, who are planning to release their debut full length album this year. We asked Mike a few questions about his drumming, and also about his band and their formation. Enjoy!

Entertwine: How did you get into drumming? What attracted you to this instrument over others?

Mike Smith: I was always really into music from a very early age. I was always surrounded by music. My older brother also played drums and growing up with that definitely got me interested in drumming. I always use to play my big bro’s kit at a very young age not well mind you but I could keep steady rhythm. Then I started going to shows mostly local, and I would always watch the drummers. Just the drummers. Finally I got my first kit at the age of 12 and just fell in love. Everything about them the look, sound, size, just the endless possibilities.

ET: Who are your inspirations when it comes to playing the drums, and why?

MS: My main Inspiration is just music in general. Whether it’s Writing, listening to old/new bands, or discovering a new favorite band. I also get lots of inspiration playing shows. watching them enjoy your music and feeling the energy is an incredible feeling.

ET: Tell us a little bit about your band, Dock Yard Boxer. How did you all form as a band?

MS: Dockyard Boxer formed in July 2013, but we’ve all been playing together in previous bands since our early teens. We’ll be releasing our Debut full length album this year and we are beyond stoked to release it. Release date TBA
ET: Which song is your favorite to play live, off of DYB’s full length album that is set to release later this year?

MS: We haven’t played a few of the newer songs on the album live yet, but as of right now i’d have to say Born & Raised. Just love the feel, and the song as a whole. A lot of fun to play live.

Dockyard Boxer. Wide Asleep (Official Video) from mark scott on Vimeo.

ET: What was the process like for filming the music video for, “Wide Asleep?” What kind of experience was that like?

MS: Filming the video was simple but so much fun, Mark Scott from Smashbox Studio in Cape Breton, NS Canada Filmed it while we were tacking the actual tracks for “Wide Asleep”. It came together very nicely. We owe Mark so much for making this video and album possible.

Connect With Dockyard Boxer:
Twitter: @dockyardboxer
Instagram: @dockyardboxer


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