Milly is a rapper releasing his debut mixtape entitled, “Last Shot,” which will be his “final attempt to make it in the rap game.” But – for a valid reason, Milly has a new born daughter who he looks forward to commit his time fully to in the future. This rapper from Brooklyn, NY, and his isn’t afraid to show his hometown’s influence in his tracks. He plans on this mixtape not being a farewell, but more of an ode of him “going out with a bang.” His mixtape, “Last Shot,” is expected to release this year.

Entertwine: How did you get your start in the rap/hip hop scene?

Milly: I started making at a young age but I fell out of touch with it until years later when I ran into an old friend of mine, Adrian Lau in the subway. He gave me the opportunity to record with him and from there he helped shape me into the artist I am today. Shout out to him and the whole surf school movement.

ET: What influences you to write and produce these tracks?

M: I put on paper what ever come to mind which keeps me out of falling into any one genre of music. My daughter will be a year this month and she has had a direct impact on my mixtape “Last Shot” simply because she deserves all my attention, so im giving up music for her but before I do that I wanted to showcase my skills one last time.

ET: Out of all the songs on the upcoming release, which is your favorite and why?

M: I have alot different material on the project but my favorite would have to be song called Midnight City which is about finally getting everything you ever wanted but only after you have died. But all the songs really have there own unique feel that I think people will like. I also have some planned features with dope artist like Adrian Lau, Tommi Truthz, and Shotti.
ET: In your songs, what kind of message do you want to get out to your listeners?

M: The whole point of Last Shot is to properly say good bye to the music I love so much and to all the people who helped get me to the point I’m at now. I felt there would be no better way to leave music then to put all the hottest songs I could ever conceive into one package, drop it on the world, and then disappear.

ET: What do you plan to do in the future? This mixtape you said is sort of a farewell to your music career, do you think you will come back to it? 

M: I may come back eventually but my dream was never to be famous or rich, my dream was to be a great rapper and I feel like I accomplished that. Don’t forget Last Shot drops April 15th!


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