Started in March 2013. Formerly known as Mothra, Mosura is a 4 piece death metal band Hailing from Atlanta GA. Currently working on their first full length album. Mosura combines the hard brutality of metal with eye captivating art work inspired by the songs.

How did the members of the band meet and begin writing music and performing together? What led to the band’s name change? What is the significance of the new name?

Me and my guitarist met in High school. We had seperate art classes, but the same taste in music. We found out we were both in seperate bands at the time and that was fine. Those bands didnt last, and we both made plans to try and make a band together. Instant click! Later Jonothan joined our the band through knowing Tyler. The first drummer we had, left voluntarily. Austin was recruited a few months after the band got together after their old drummer left. It’s actually an interesting story. All four of us were at the same concert at the same time. Just in different places.

When it came to writing music, we used to always have Tyler create a bunch of guitar riffs, then Austin would play along to them. We would piece the riffs and parts together according to which ones sound like they belong togethor. Originally, our band was Named MOTHRA. But after our first 3-4 shows we became aware that there was already a group named Mothra and we couldnt go by that anymore. We changed the Name to Mosura which is the japanese translation of Mothra. We really wanted to keep the vibe we had with the name before: monstrous and heavy. If our music could take the form of a monster, l’d be Mosura.

What is the metal music scene of Atlanta like? Are there any particular venues or locations that you all frequent or perform at regularly? Could you tell us about some of your most exciting or interesting live performances to date?

The metal music scene here is very alive and well. Gradually increasing in popularity, some of the craziest shows are with local bands. The amount of heart, soul and talent these bands put into there music is very intense. As well as the people that come out to the shows. The most popular venue in Atlanta would have to be The Masquerade. The venue has 3 unique stages named after the 3 places in the after life. Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. Some of our most memorable shows were at the masquerade, especially our first on the heaven stage. The room was packed and all you saw was like a waving spinning circle of bodies tredding to the drum kicks. Probably our show in a battle of the bands event. The crowd was so pumped, I began climbing the amplifiers and the side ledges were the crowd was watching from the sidelines. Getting back the stage while doing aerial tricks to get back to my stage, it was really incredible. The after party was even more incredible.

What can you tell us about the music you’ve already digitally released? Is the band currently working on new material?

Currently we have 4 songs available online. One song of ours titled, “Medusa”, and features our drummer Austin doing vocals. A song titled “Shepherd of the Black”, included in our album, is one that we greatly promote and showcase. It was the first song we ever written with our new drummer. It’s what changed Mosura’s sound from there on. Even though the album is done we are still writing more. Just at a slower process. When an idea hits, you cant just ignore it.

Who are your biggest musical influences as a band? Do the sounds, styles, and textures of these bands sometimes find their way into your original compositions?

From the each of us, the bands we look up to have to be Pantera, Gojira, Type O Negative and Suicide Silence. We bring little bits of our influences into our songs ever so often. But mostly we want to create our own style. Maybe one day we’ll be some persons influence to start a band, you never know.

What does 2015 hold in store for Mosura? Do you have any upcoming performance dates scheduled?

Well the album is already done, and we’re already talking about a second. We are going to have a Album release party, the date is TBA. We’re talking about a tour with another local band that our drummer plays in as well. We’re going to be playing at The Masquerade this upcoming march at the Hell Stage with some other hard and heavy metal bands. We’re just getting started.

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