Based in Los Angeles, California – Naked Walrus is a group of friends who create an original sound and unique form of Alternative Rock. Collaborating to create a sonically charged force that not only composites driving rock & roll music, but also combines all art forms. Formed in early 2013, the band has been moving forward at a rapid pace working hard to create a respectable resume as well as develop to the fullest extent. This includes having both an electric and acoustic set with venue specific songs. Enjoy our interview below with rising Rock/Pop band, Naked Walrus!

Entertwine: Love your tunes guys! Really catchy and bright! How did you all get your start as a band? Have you always been based in Los Angeles?

Naked Walrus: Our band has gone through multiple changes, but it all starts with Dakota and Hayden meeting at Arcadia High School in Phoenix, AZ through their songwriting program. From there, Dakota moved to Santa Barbara,CA for college where he met Taylor and our former guitar player and created Naked Walrus. After a couple of line up switches, Taylor moved from bass to drums, Hayden became the lead guitar player and Andy was brought on for our first tour. Thats an extremely brief explanation of a 4 year span but I think that it gets the point across. 

We have not always been an LA based band…and we are still not. Half the band lives in Studio City and the other half in Santa Barbara. Although we are split we still see each other 3 days a week minimum, so it works.

ET: Where do you get your influence for your sound? Any particular bands or artists each of you have looked up to or follow as your music careers have progressed?

NW: We all listen to a very wide range of music and are always searching for new music, so everything we listen to is subconsciously influencing our playing as musicians and our sound as a band. There are too many bands/artists that we we look up to and follow to list off in this interview. If we did you would have a novel of names.

ET: Is there a story behind the name, “Naked Walrus?” If not, thats cool – but there must be!

NW: Our band was a bit of a joke when we first started so the name was really us just being ridiculous. We always attribute the reason for us sticking with Naked Walrus as our name to a lecture that we heard from a songwriter named Chuck Cannon in one of our college classes. He was discussing cowriting, which is how most of our songs are created, and he stated that in order to cowrite you need to be completely comfortable with your songwriting partner, so comfortable that you would be okay being NAKED in front of each other. As soon as we heard that it all kind of just clicked and we decided that the meaning of of our name represents a state of mind where you are “Comfortable.”Overall its funny but sexy and creative, we love our band name!

ET: Your newest single, “Aliens,” off your upcoming album, “All In,” set to release March 11th is now up on your bandcamp profile, and we love it! What was the writing process like for this song, and what has the reaction been from fans so far?

NW: The writing process for all of our songs consists of an acoustic guitar, a notepad, and an Iphone. One of us will come up with a riff or a whole song musically and Dakota writes the lyrics based on whatever topic is decided on. From that point the song evolves in practice and in the studio. The reaction has been great so far. A lot of our fans have been keeping up with the progress of making this album for the past year, so they have been getting anxious to hear it all.

ET: What can fans expect from your upcoming release, “All In?” Is the single a good glimpse of what we can expect?

NW: Fans can expect it to sound like Naked Walrus, just a bit more “mature.” Yes we chose Aliens as the single because we think it encompasses the musical direction of this album overall.

ET: Any touring plans once the album releases? Any upcoming events we should know about for 2014?

NW: We do have touring plans for the release as well as this summer, but can’t quiet unveil them yet. We are super excited to share the news so stay tuned!

Connect With Naked Walrus:

Website: www.nakedwalrus.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/walrusindaflesh

Twitter: www.twitter.com/NakedWalrus

Bandcamp: www.nakedwalrusmusic.bandcamp.com


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