Influenced by the gutters of Anaheim, CA with a touch of Southern streets from the Carolinas, emerges Latin Hip Hop Artist, NEFF. NEFF has developed the essentials required to be a respected emcee and posses the wizardry to express his rhymes both in English and Spanish. As a Mexican-American rapper, NEFF has been able to break the racial boundaries within his genre of music. Performing since the age of 6, the stage is no stranger to this talented artist. NEFF has performed in various venues and clubs throughout the East Coast including the world famous House of  Blues. Aside from headlining shows, he has also shared the stage with artists such as Slick’em Hound of Pretty Ricky and the legendary group; Sugar Hill Gang. NEFF has won & been nominated for various music awards. It can only be said that his music and performance ability is of international quality and sure to please the masses. It’s just a matter of time until NEFF takes the Industry by storm!

ET: Tells us a little about NEFF. Where are you from, and how did you get your start into music/latin rap?

NEFF: Well, first of ALL thank you for your hard work and time. Getting interviews and doing them is a hard job. I am born in beautiful Anaheim, CA. I spend the most portion of my life there then moved to MEXICO for a few years then came back to the Great U.S. in the Carolinas (North & South). As you can read, my life has been a mixture of different locations.

I started making music at the age of 6. My Father was a well known singer in California. My mother sang for most of her life, I followed in those steps. Singing at restaurants and bars, until I got introduced to Hip Hop. I felt in love with the ìFreedom of Speechî and ìRhyming Patternsî that came with it. Ever since, I haven’t stop rhyming and putting the best songs to my ability.

ET: What does the name NEFF stand for?

NEFF: A lot of people ask me that, since it’s a text interview I’ll give you the long version. One day, going through some hard times, I decided to pick up the bible. As I read, I came across the name Naphtali. Which in short terms means, the struggle and prevail of life. I understood the name and felt that I related to Naphtali. At first I went by Neff-Tahli after one of my influences, Talib-Kwali. Shortly after, I decided to just go with Neff. The ìTahliî made it harder for other to find me online and social media. As time went and years of building my name, we saw other brands with similar names. My manager (who is a Marketing Genius) suggested we use NEFF in a caps.

As more time went, people in the music industry added a second name. I am famously know for ìNEFFWORKî. We Don’t Network, We Neffwork! But this my friend, is a whole different story.

ET: What inspires your lyrics and who are your influences?

NEFF: My influences vary from Hardcore Hip Hop to Mexican Regional Bands. As I mentioned before, growing up in different states & countries wasn’t easy. Although it was hard, I am forever GREATFUL. I was influenced by different genres of music in different languages. I can listen to NAS one minute, then listen to Vicente Fernandez the next.

My inspiration for my lyrics come from everyday life. I have seen and done a lot in my lifetime. At this point, I don’t just write to rhyme words. I love making patterns in my music. Anyone can put two words together, but very few can make those same two words and split into six words. There is nothing like making timeless music. I am inspired by my surroundings and life tribulations. The harder life gets, the better my music gets. I accept who I am, a bilingual international recording artists that makes music in various languages, and that makes me more of a threat!

ET: Since your rap is in both English and Spanish, what are the advantages of that?

NEFF: Many, I am breaking racial barriers. I am able to communicate with half of the world because of it. Being able to do both is a POWERFUL skill. I can go to any venue/concert and rock the crowd. Any city I am performing at is showing me MAD LOVE, I really appreciate the support. My voice and image is catering to all races.

ET: Do you find that it diversifies your audience more?

NEFF: Not at all, if anything it’s uniting my audience. My goal is to bring people together, but it all depends on where I’m performing. Of course, if I do a show in California it may be a chance that is mostly Hispanics/Latinos. When do shows in South Carolina, it is mostly Caucasians (White). When I performed in Atlanta, GA it was mostly African Americans (Blacks). But you see what I mean, it doesn’t matter what the audience looks like, I AM ROCKING IT! I understand that I am breaking racial barriers, and couldn’t be any happier. At my shows, we are ALL ONE.

ET: If you could describe your music in three words, what would those words be?



ET: If you could tour with any three artists, who would they be?

NEFF: Good questions, let’s see; NAS, Don Omar or Machine Gun Kelly.

ET: Where can listeners find your music?


ET: Anything else you would like to add to the interview?

NEFF: Just a SPECIAL shout out to Marcia Management who has helped me take this further than I could have imaging. Thanks to ALL the Djs & Radios playing my music. Can’t forget about the media sites like yours for helping artist be heard. One more, GRACIAS to all those pushing me to take my career to the NEXT LEVEL!

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