ORDINARY CHILDHOOD is an independent rapper/songwriter from Washington D.C. now living in NORDRHEIN WESTFALEN, Germany. With his style which is a fusion of HIP HOP & REGGAE that is composed of his own recipe of silky smooth vocals, edgy street influenced lyrics, witty word play, and a lexical savoir-faire he is able to quickly grasp the listeners ear. The first single entitled “NO LOVE” from his upcoming album featuring BORN FREE was released and received instant success through out the Dubstep community which landed him interviews and reviews on internet radio and various blog sites.

Entertwine: How did you get your start into music? Do you have any experience playing any instruments?

Ordinary Childhood: I have always been in some fashion involved in music since I was a child first breakdancing and graffiti on from there but when I began writing in high school I started taking music serious. I was performing at parties and small clubs for a while then i started recording and engineering at a small studio in Arlington, Va. Believe it or not I was formally trained in playing the violin but that was long ago I hardly even remember how to hold the violin any more

ET: Your genre of hip-hop/reggae fusion is not a very common genre, and you even have some dub step influence – how did you decide you wanted to work with these types of music genres?

OC: I have always been into experimenting my philosophy is good music is good music artist don’t express their genre artist express there feelings in the form in which they suits them best if it soothe the audience ears then the critics label it as the please

ET: Who or what influences you to write and play your music?

OC: Love, love of life, love of music, love of philosophy is a big influence in my life I am a person that always like to uplift and encourage people to grow and learn when I was growing up I saw this type of love in people like bob marley, stevie wonder, malcom x, martin luther king jr., and the list goes on. I think this is what drew me to the hip hop culture because its a culture of growth, knowledge and self-empowerment.

ET: How has your move from DC to Germany influenced your music? Has it been a positive change?

OC: In some ways the move to germany has been good and some ways staggering because I had to get to know the scene here and re- introduce myself and that takes time but my music has changed a lot since i have been here in germany because my life has changed a lot. Things here are much more relaxed and other artist are open to experiment and collaborate. Also in Washington DC its very hard to break out of the pack because either you are gangter rap, go-go, Fugazi or Thievery affiliated and everything else has no place. But here in europe the door is open and if you are willing to work hard enough and make good music with good intentions anything is possible.

ET: Is there a story behind the name, “Ordinary Childhood?”

OC: My stage name is the title of a thesis I wrote some years back which is the premises or my primary belief of the sociological commonality of our times shared by mankind and I thought it was the best way to characterize myself with one word. This is how I wanted to introduce myself to people.

ET: Anything else you’d like to add to this interview?

OC: I would like to thank you very much for taking the time to interview me and I am happy that people are supporting good music with good intentions if we want something good we have to support good thats the only way to make a change not by talking about it but by doing it. Be good!

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