Piff Loonez was born in Montclair N.J and ever since he was old enough to realize his talent as an entertainer he has never looked back. His genre of rap and reggae keep people interested. With influences such as Jay-z, Big L, Vybz Kartel, Busy signal and Nas you can hear their styles in his songs. He is 24. His most recent release is called “Do It”.

Entertwine: How did you get your start in music, when did you know it was something you wanted to pursue? I got my first start in music when for the first time i sat down and listen to an album. It was The Blueprint by Jay-z and listening to that sparked something in me and gave that push to get up and try. I know i wanted to pursue music when I started learning more about the music industry and my peers around me gave me even more confidence because they enjoyed my music so much.

Who are some of your influences when it comes to rap & hip hop? Why? My two biggest influences are Jay-z and Nas. I say them because both of them rap about things based off of their life or what hey have seen around them. And with a lot of my songs that I write do pertain to the way I live my life, what I have seen around me and what I have been thru in my life. Even though they rap about the usual rapper stuff they do at the same time still try to uplift the young youths of this generation.

Tell us about your most recent release “Do It” – what was the recording process like for this single? “Do It” is a song I really love and enjoyed doing because I had fun making the track. With only one verse on it it didn’t take me as long to record it especially since I freestyled the verse.”Do It” is party club track that can get you hyped for the night and you can rock with it in the club.

What is your main goal that you are trying to reach through music? I would like to reach out to the youths all across the world with my music so someone can relate to it. I also would like to be the voice for my town and show kids that you can do and achieve what ever you work hard for. Of course i want the fame and money but I really just want my music to break barriers and records sales and to just showcase my talent to the world. I am also determined to put my city on the map and to get my small town of Montclair some recognition in a big entertainment world.

What is in store for you for the rest of 2015? As the year is coming to a close I will be dropping my mixtape “No Fear” for my fans and new listeners. I also plan on continuing to promote “Do It” and probably book more shows. Other than that sit back and enjoy the music.

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