Polly Lohrmann, (or better known as Polly Baker) has been around music since she can remember. By having a family of musicians, Polly really didn’t have much of a choice other than to pursue music, which ultimately is what she wanted! This singer/songwriter hails from the Northern Virginia area, which is where her musical career sprouted and came to fruition. Pop/Country is Polly’s preferred genre, and that sound can be heard in her latest single release, “Good at Goodbyes,” which was released on iTunes November 19th 2013. We asked Polly a few questions about her musical background, her new single, and her recent move to Los Angeles, California.

Entertwine: How’d you get your start in singing and piano and how long have you been performing?

P: I grew up in a family of musicians. My parents met singing in a Top 40 nightclub band together that performed in nightclubs from Maryland to D.C. to Virginia. My two older brothers, Tommy and Arthur are also musicians and singers and we formed a family band, affectionately called “The Von-Lohrmann’s” by our family and close friends. My first singing performance was at the age of four with my family at a New Year’s Eve service at our church. And then I started classical piano lessons around the age of six. I have been performing since then at various venues, with a lot of my experience coming from singing/playing piano for several churches in the Washington D.C. Metro area, as well as local nightclubs and venues in Northern Virginia.

ET: Besides piano, do you play any other instruments?

P: I actually wanted to be a guitarist rather than a pianist, probably till I was around 12 years old. I remember seeing the movie, “Freaky Friday” and I was determined to have a sparkly pink electric guitar. I used to play air guitar while dancing around my room, pretending I was a rockstar and singing along to Hilary Duff songs. At age 16, I did force myself to sit down and I learned how to play several guitar chords (nine specifically) through Google images. It was enough to play most Taylor Swift songs . I bought a Capo and practiced my D, A, Em and G and just switch the Capo around.

ET: What is the story behind the name Polly Baker?

P: Baker is actually my mother’s maiden name. I was named after my grandmother, Polly. I never actually had the chance to meet my grandma Polly, however our family has always told me that I look like her and have a very similar personality. I wanted to use the name Baker to honor her memory.


ET: Who would you say are your main influences for your music?

P: I was 16 when I first saw Taylor Swift perform live. I remember watching her and thinking to myself, “that’s what I want to do”. I had known from age 10 that I wanted to perform, write and tour, however, Taylor made it seem “real” to me. Her performances have always been extremely captivating and engaging. Her lyrics and melodies will always be relatable and catchy. Another great influence for my music is my dad. My dad is, hands down, one of the greatest musicians I have ever heard. He has especially inspired the piano and keyboard parts for my songs.

ET: Lyrically, what do most of your songs represent? 

PB: All of my songs are stories straight from my experiences. And I love telling stories and calling people (boys) out. I literally take conversations and translate them into lyrics. Sometimes, all it takes is just one thing someone says to me. I hear this one lyric, sit down at my piano and it just all comes together. I write a lot about relationships because love is something that inspires me. I’ve learned so much about love this past year and I’m documenting everything. All I have come to conclude so far is that love is a frustrating and magical and tragic and beautiful experience. And that’s what I write about.

ET: You recently released the lyric video for your newest single, “Good at Goodbyes.” What was the writing and recording process like for this song, and what has the feedback been like?

P: The lyrics for the song came to me back in August 2012 when I was at work at a local garden nursery, watering flowers. I got that one line, “I’m good at goodbyes”, dropped my watering hose and ran to write it down. I added different lyrics to the song over a four-month period. And a year later (almost to the exact day!), I was lucky to be able to work with Tony Alany on this song. He is an incredible producer/engineer in the Northern VA area. We were in the studio recording one day a week for about 3 weeks. My dad came into the studio on one of the days and recorded the keyboard/synth parts. It was an intense but fun experience and I enjoyed the entire process. The feedback has been really positive so far. Most especially since releasing the full-length song on YouTube with the lyrics.

(“Good at Goodbyes” Single Lyric Video – Polly Baker)

ET: If you could tour with any three artists who would they be?

P: 1) Hunter Hayes. He is an incredible musician, songwriter and vocalist. He also has such a great stage presence and energy in his performances. 2) Thomas Rhett. I’ve loved his music since his first release. His songs just move me in the best ways. “It Goes Like This” is probably my all-time favorite song. 3) Florida Georgia Line. I saw these guys perform during their first tour with Jake Owen. Their music makes me want to get up, head out to the beach, have a bonfire/s’more party and dance. Enough said.

ET: What are your future plans?

P: I am currently living in Los Angeles, working towards my degree in Music Business and Digital Marketing. I really want to have a career in the music industry, and specifically be performing and sharing my stories through songs. That’s my ‘Plan A’. I think there are enough people who end up settling for ‘Plan B’ and I don’t want to do that. I’m really motivated and determined and I think that’s something that can set one musician a part from another.

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