Antwerp (Belgium) based band, Psy’Aviah brings open-minded electronic music with energy and soul. Their sound is best described as eclectric as they fuse several genres and into their own musical world. Band consists of main songrwiter & producer Yves Schelpe, who invites guests musicians, both famous, (in)famous or still unknown in his musical world. We asked this Belgian band a bit about their sound, and what motivates them to create this type of electronic music with heart and soul.

Entertwine: Tell us a little about yourself! Where are you from, and how did you get your start into electronic music?

Psy’ Aviah: I’m Yves, founder & main songwriter/producer of the band Psy’Aviah, and I hail from Antwerp in Belgium. I started out making music at the age of 16, experimenting with various kinds of software – yet those tools were still very limited back then. In 2003 then, I founded Psy’Aviah with the leitmotiv of creating “open-minded electronic music with heart & soul”, that means collaborating with artists, experimenting with different genres and above all making music with a message.

ET: You describe your music as “electronic music with heart and soul.” How does this element of heart and soul make your music unique among the rest of electronic artists?

PA: Making electronic music is often described as something cold, as something done by machines. Especially when I started out, electronic music had nothing to do with emotions for many people. Slowly but surely electronic music has found it’s way to the masses as a form of music that’s percieved to be equally capable of transferring emotions as other genres. I still focus, with every song, to bring a message and to connect my message with the sound of the track and the music videos we create for those tracks. In 2012 we released “Virtual Gods”, a pure dance/ebm crossover track that tackled cyberbullying (music video) – the music, lyrics and video all tie together to create the atmosphere of the story I want to tell. There’s always layers and layers of story to be found in the music, and that’s what satisfies me most when making music.

ET: What does PsyíAviah mean? Is there a story behind the name?

PA: There’s a lot of interviews that have stated different meanings for the name. The real story behind that name is this: the part “Aviah” is a variant of the Hebrew girl name “Abiah” – which litteraly means “God Is My Father”. This is where the prefix “Psy” comes in, it’s symbolic for the “mind”, the “psyche”. And in a sense “Psy’Aviah” then becomes “The Mind Is My Father”, by which one can see that, your mind is your creator, and thus your mind will shape your reality and world.

ET: How has your hometown of Belgium influenced your career in electronic music?

PA: Belgium has always been percieved as being influencial in electronic music. Although it has long been dispised by the country itself, Belgium brought forth a lot pioneering electronic bands such as Front 242, Lords of Acid / Praga Khan, Technotronic, and later on Milk Inc, 2ManyDJs / Soulwax etc.. It’s difficult to say if it had an influence on me, as the projects I’m most influenced by are not all belgian. Moby, Underworld, Faithless, Delerium / Conjure One are the most influencial projects for me, and they’re all foreign. The only Belgian band that had a strong influence on me was Praga Khan, for which I was fortunate enough to open in Ancienne Belgique in 2013 when they celebrated their 25th anniversary concert.

ET: Of all your tracks on your sound cloud, which are you most proud of, and why? Which is your best collaboration?

PA: It’s a difficult pick. As Psy’Aviah is a project about collaborating, I’d say that the track I’m most proud of, at the time being, is “Our Common Future” featuring the talented Kyoko Baertsoen (See Video Below). Her warm vocals, the triphop track we created all work together to deliver the message of the song, and that’s the ultimate goal for a Psy’Aviah song. It’s also just a dream working with Kyoko, because I was fan of her bands “Hooverphonic” & “Lunascape”, riding on my bike to school listening to those tracks (then still with a DISCMAN), so working with her is a dream come true! But there’s other collaborations I have equally fond memories of, such as “Moments ft. Suzi Q. Smith”, “Deep Dark Desire ft. Kari Berg”, etc… – and there’s more to come in late 2014!

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