PURE ENERGY is an international band and production team hailing from the US that specializes in live entertainment and studio productions. PURE ENERGY consists of five members. H-Roc (rapper), Fatboy Tony (drummer), Radio (vocalist/rapper), Ricardo (bassist), and Jupiter P (keyboardist). Collectively, PURE ENERGY has successfully toured around many different parts of the world, Korea to China, Singapore to the Philippines, Morocco to Dubai and all the way to Portugal. PURE ENERGY has taken their eclectic sound of HipHop/R&B/Dance/EDM to many stages across the globe. PURE ENERGY has had the opportunity to perform along side well known acts in the US and Asia. Snoop Dogg, Stevie Wonder, Usher, Thaitanium are just a few of the artist PURE ENERGY has shared the stage with. From smaller venues of 500 people, to TV appearances in the US, to festivals of up to 100,000 attendees, this group knows what it means to put on a show! PURE ENERGY is always sure to give every fan an electric performance along with music they will never forget! We spoke to H-Roc and Radio of Pure Energy to get more details on their background, and what the future holds for the group.

What led to the formation of PURE ENERGY? Could you tell us a bit about each band member? How did the members meet and begin performing together? 

H-Roc: Well basically we are a group of guys who are at the top of our game and master’s of our crafts! We all were touring in Southeast Asia at the same time!!! Originally from different places in America like the bay area, Los Angeles, Alabama, Tucson Arizona, and Portugal. We all had mutual friends who kind of brought us all together. When we finally met each other we had a chemistry that was out of this world. We decided to make a super band and production team so that’s what we did. So the band was formed not on US soil but in Malaysia.1pop

You’ve toured all over the world, correct? Could you tell us about some of your most exciting or interesting experiences? You’ve shared stages with Snoop Dogg, Usher, and Stevie Wonder?

RADIO: Yes! We as a band and individually we have performed in places like America, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, China and the list goes on. The greatest experience to me has been here in Malaysia. It’s been cool to team up with these guys and be on one accord musically. Before the band formed we were doing our own things and very successful but nothing like having a team to live the dream with. Back in the states H-Roc got to open up for Snoop, and I got to open for Usher, and Stevie Wonder. Our other band members Ricardo, Jupiter, and Tony have shared the stage with artist like Bootsy Collins, Anthony Hamilton and a few other big names.

You’re currently in Malaysia, right? What has this trip been like? What is the biggest differences between the United States and all the other countries / cultures you’ve seen and been involved within?

H-Roc: Yes at the moment we are in Malaysia recording our debut album!

It has been a amazing adventure here in Malaysia and a great experience to see the beautiful culture and have the opportunity to work with some of the best talents in the country! Malaysia has really embraced us. The biggest difference is the family values, politics, and culture. We notice that most people of the world love American artist and they accept us here like we have never been accept at home, before all the fame and fortune. But we love southeast Asia the most because the cost of living is so cheap!!! And we love to save money!!!

Could you tell us about the material that the group has released? What experiences and events led to the writing and recording of ‘Nervous’?

RADIO: “Nervous” will be our first release as a band. Over the past few months we have been working on a bunch of music and one day “NERVOUS” was born. The concept came about after a conversation about beautiful women. Singers now a days always act like they are the coolest of the cool and never get a little choked up when they see a super bad girl. So I wanted to take on this song from a different perspective. A honest and vulnerable perspective. After we completed the record we felt it was a really strong urban/pop record to release both here in Asia and the US. Since we were going to be based in the country for awhile we decided to feature a local artist with a lot of influence. We knew we had to connect with the people of Malaysia so we reached out to Kartel/Sony Records artist SonaOne who is one of the country’s top selling artist and -producers. We also connected with multi-platinum producer Bryan B to collaborate with Pure Energy members FatBoy Tony and Jupiter P on the production.

What does 2015 hold in store for PURE ENERGY?

RADIO: In 2015 you can definitely count on seeing a lot more of PURE ENERGY in many more countries and all over the net. We are working on a major distribution deal here in S.E Asia and eventually will be looking to establish some deals back home in the states. 2015 we will be heading to the states doing a promo tour for “Nervous” and we are really excited about that. It should be our break out year if we can stay dedicated to our game plan. Many more collaborations with artist all around the world, radio airplay, few music videos, and hopefully grow our fan base massively. As long as we keep GOD first all things are possible.

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