Raving Wild, a singer/songwriter from Buckinghamshire, has recently made impacts on the indie music scene with appearances on BBC Introducing, Amazing Tunes and the Songeist artist spotlight. With his somewhat unorthodox Red Riot guitar he has generated an almost implausible level of attention from magazines, artist features and even foreign radio stations. Following on from the success of his debut EP ‘In Solitude and Silence’, he has delighted his fans with his euphoric new single ‘Raving Wild’ which encapsules this bizarre but brilliant musician. Get to know more about Raving Wild’s future plans in the interview below.

Entertwine: Could you tell us a bit about your musical background? What can you tell us about the music scene of your hometown (Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom)? What is the significance of your moniker?

I started playing guitar at the age of 11. My brother Zeke was actually the one to encourage me to pick one up and I haven’t been able to put it down since. The music scene here is expansive, there’s something for everyone here if you have the ears to find it. I take a lot of inspiration from local bands such as the incredible Callow Saints and Sinfiction for their indie/rock influences. Among the singer/songwriters there is Matt Edwards, possibly one of the best blues guitarists I’ve heard in a while and Jack Little from nearby Bicester who is a superb lyricist. Balance Inc are a duo who do a lot of work for mental health charities which is admirable. There’s also my friends in Lorrenz, check those guys out, they’re top of their game! While not local, Brackenthorn are a very unique and talented duo in Cornwall which I had the pleasure of meeting. I chose Raving Wild as an alias when the two words became stuck in my head while I was ill once. I’m also prone to silly pranks and stunts. Case and point here (Don’t do any of that at home).

What life experiences and events led to the writing and recording of your new EP (“In Solitude & Silence”)? What can you tell us about the EP’s single (‘Winterheart’)?

I wrote the entire EP ‘In Solitude and Silence’ both during and after a short move to Cornwall, it was ultimately a time of change for me as a person and as a musician, both good and bad. I’ve tried to encompass that in the whole EP as best as I could at the time. While I feel I’ve developed more now in terms of technicality it was more raw during the production process.

The single ‘Winterheart’ was really what helped get me to where I am now and I’d firstly like to say thanks to everyone for their help and support including BBC Introducing Three Counties. I wrote it at a cornerstone in my life, something of a transition in my character. I realised that sometimes life isn’t about how much success you have but how you deal with the battles lost. While it wasn’t written with that in mind then in retrospect I suppose that’s what I relate it to now.Underbelly1

You’ve recently released another single (titled ‘Raving Wild’)? How will you market the EP and this new single now that they’ve both been released digitally?

My new single ‘Raving Wild’ is already in the marketing process! It’ll be featured on two new indie films titled ‘Despondent’ and ‘I Had Fun’, it’s being reviewed currently bu several blogs and publications too. I may be playing abroad again in the near future. I’ll let everyone know about that though!

What inspired the creation of the artwork for the EP?

The artwork for the EP is actually a curious story. I was introduced through a mutual friend to Paul Bateman who designed Warner Bros official annual album. After a considerable amount of planning he designed something that we feel embodied the feeling of being between worlds. I have something of a fascination with fractals and he incorporated that in a triangular design. Big shout to Paul for his professionalism!

What does 2015 hold in store for Raving Wild?

In the next year I’ll be hopefully producing some more work with Ashley Carvell of Lorrenz, it was a privilege to work with him on ‘Raving Wild’ and perhaps we’ll have some more work other productions to show for it in the near future.

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