Richie Luna is coming from the moon to defeat the darkness on planet Earth – sparking a global revolution turned celebration, fueled by his positive music, energy and dance. The message behind his global smash hit “Celebrate!” is that life is not always happy. It is difficult and filled with obstacles that must be overcome. Each of us has a choice to defeat the darkness inside of us and become the Luna (Light) – doing so enables you to defeat your darkness, and let your light shine through Celebration! We asked Richie a few questions about his musical upbringing, his current work, and what he’s up to for the rest of 2014.

Entertwine: How did you get your start in music? What sparked your interest to start writing and performing?

Richie Luna: Ever since I was a little kid…I always connected with the energy and rhythm of music.  I was known as “Richie Boy” (the little boy who would always dance and entertain large crowds of hundreds of people at different family functions)

My first love was performing through dance.  It was always a dream of mine to become a professional artist. Within the last few years my life drastically changed…i finally woke up and decided it was time to live that dream.

ET: What inspires you to write and perform? Why?

RL: Richie Luna is an artist / superhero character who was created out of a very dark moment in my life. During this moment…I decided to channel my energies towards creating music and developing his story to combat the negative moments that I was experiencing daily.

I decided that each song that I wrote would represent a unique chapter in the life story of the character Richie Luna…each chapter following and unfolding into another…similar to that of a novel.I am inspired by everyday of Life…the gift..every breath of it….good or bad…through my art I want to express the emotions of that life.

ET: I love your idea of bringing ‘light to planet Earth’ Could you explain to readers what you actually mean by this, and how this revolves around your music?

RL: I personally decided that enough was enough…the world that we live in is just too depressing and full of negativity at the moment…full of darkness…Everywhere you turn…pick up the newspaper…turn on the tv…surf the internet…Negative news goes viral on the daily…spreading to the masses like an unstoppable disease…it’s an unstoppable downward cycle…a self-fulfilling prophecy…I simply have had enough and decided that I must be the change that I want to see in the world…

That’s when I decided that my music and videos will be the vehicle to spread my message to the world…To positively uplift…inspire…energize…through my story…my art…To put a smile on people’s faces…give hope…Share Love + Light instead of the opposite that’s currently on the mass media…To Celebrate the light inside of each of us…and let that shine through happiness…To #DefeatTheDARK. That’s what it means…it’s time to LIGHT IT UP!!!

ET: Tell us about a song of yours that really encapsulates who you are as a musician and performer. Why does this certain piece mean so much to you and/or your listeners

RL: Each song / video that I release will tell a unique story about me…Richie Luna…the way I see it…to tell a full story in one musical piece about myself is not possible…The entire picture will make sense at the end of my story….the final chapter….That’s when each song…each video…each art piece will all make sense with one another…and relate to me holistically as an artist….It’s therefore extremely important for me to be able to finish my story…so that you and everyone else can truly understand the final chapter…and what everything means in the end.

ET: What are you currently working on? Any new album releases, videos or singles?

RL: At this moment I wish that there were 48 Hours in a day…I am currently in heavy promotion for the current music video release for “Celebrate”….in addition to pre-production for the continuation from Chapter 1 of my story “Celebrate!” [The Call to Light] to Chapter 2. All I can say at this moment is that Chapter 2 will be titled “My Light”

I cannot give out any extra details surrounding the project at this moment…however…what I can guarantee is that the continuation follow up will be twice as much fun…awesome…and EPIC than the first…I want to WOW you like never before with each release…Mediocre does not exist in my vocabulary…Unless it’s beyond as Great as it can be…it won’t be at all…

ET: What is next for you in 2014?

RL: To continue to live each day with as much positive energy and enjoy this journey that I have embarked on…I want to let this milestone of the music video premiere unfold and ride that journey forward towards the new destinations that I encounter…this is my main focus at the moment. I try not to hold my plans too far into the future. Of course you must have future plans and goals, however, as much as we try to plan in advance, God is ultimately in charge of the now.

Connect With Richie Luna:
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RichieLunaProductions

Twitter https://twitter.com/TeamLunatic

Instagram http://instagram.com/TeamLunatic

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cL9IaYyeGP8

iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/celebrate-call-to-light-single/id640207894

Website www.DefeatTheDARK.com

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