Attachment (1)Khalil Pierre better known by his stage name Rocksteeze, was born in Springfield,MA on November 24, 1992. Leesburg FL is where he grew up and developed a passion to create music. His musical taste is diverse and plans to incorporate more of those influences within his own music.

Entertwine: When did your interest in rapping and producing begin? What is your musical background like?

Rocksteeze: At the age of 15 , I watched a friend of mine record his music from his room and post it on myspace. Seeing that a kid my age create songs that sounded professional inspired me to give it a try. Everything I’ve learned so far on music has been self taught or by other recording artist.

ET: Where does most of your influence come when you write and rap? Why?

R: Life experiences, because in art there are no boundaries. I tend to get inspired by anything – small talk with strangers, hanging out with family & friends, unfamiliar music, old movies or even just skateboarding down the hwy . The way someone says or does something can easily influence the way i may write or rap.

ET: Your sound is very unique and keeps listeners entertained for sure – how do YOU feel that you stand out beyond all the other rap artists in the scene today?

R: Well my goal isn’t to try to stand out more than any other artist, but to just be who i am and create good music for the people.

ET: You are from MA but moved to FL as you grew older – how did these two diverse music scenes influence your music? Was it in a positive or negative way?

R: My mother is from NY and she had me in MA so i was exposed to a lot of east coast music (biggie, wu tang etc.) & in florida the southern music opened my view to a different scene of artist as well (lil john, lil scrappy, etc). Both scenes influenced me heavily in a positive way.

ET: What are your plans for the rest of 2014? Releases, shows, tours, etc?

R: I have plans on releasing a project this summer. My official website will be up and running soon so i can keep everyone updated on . Thanks so much For having me, Much love!

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