Rosee’s Rush is a collaboration between [the cutting edge young DJ and Alternative Artist WAKELIN], and [ROSEE X, the sultry and enigmatic young singer and fashion model]. “Crazy” is the first single from the acts up-coming self-titled debut. Combining progressive elements of Electro House, Glitch Hop, Hip-Hop and darker Indie Rock textures, Rosee’s Rush’s music is unique and futuristic, genre-breaking Pop Music. We got the opportunity to speak with Rosee’s Rush, and get a few details on the new single, as well as a sneak peek into what listeners can expect from their upcoming self titled album!

Entertwine: How did Rosee’s Rush form? Did the both of you always want to make pop/dance music? Wakelin: Well, Rosee’s Rush formed when I met Rosee about a year ago when she transferred to my highschool. She was very unique looking and she and I immediately started talking music. I realized she was a singer and multi instrumentalist and I told her that I was as well. I then showed her some of the tracks I had been working on, and things just evolved from there and fast. We both like various types of music. We are not just into Pop, and really we kind of backed into it by accident.

You’ve reached great lengths of success with your first single, “Crazy” which I see will be featured in an upcoming 2016 film. Tell us how this exciting opportunity came about! Well thanks! Yeah, the song has really taken off and surprised us. Since we live in LA there are lots of entertainment industry people everywhere. I mean PDiddys son was a classmate of mine, and it just so happened that a kid in school, whose dad is a really big director, played the track for his Dad, and well they wanted to use it as a theme in the film. That actually came first, and then the track started getting played at radio. It’s pretty funny how things happen like that. Oh, and the film LOVEJACKED is due out in 2016, I think in the spring.

How will your next single, “Spin It” compare to “Crazy”? How do the songs differ? Do you feel pressure on this single since your first one did so well? “Spin It” is our next single, and I think fans are really gonna dig it. The track has more of an older westcoast/neptunes hip hop vibe to it. The production is pretty sparse and it uses some almost nursery rhyme like vocal melodies to create a really hypnotic track. “Crazy” is much more straight ahead electro house pop, but the two songs share the same production sensibilities, and Rosee’s vocals are killing it on “Spin It.”

Tell us a bit about your current tour through the US! What are your goals for this tour, and how has the turn out been so far? Oh, our tour is going great and it’s been really fun to connect with fans and see how the song has taken off. We are touring the areas where we are getting the most radio play, and have been booked with some really cool acts and performers. At the moment we are mainly flying to and from shows because we are both still trying to finish our senior year at school…ugh. So it’s been really tough, but we’ve been managing to make it work, thanks to our great management and team! We just hope to get in front of as many people as we can who like or possibly might like our music…we’ve played a few middle schools and it’s been ridiculous to realize I’m a star in a lot of kids eyes…man, these girls go crazy for “crazy”….if that’s not too cheesy to say!

When do you look to release your full length self titled EP in 2016? What can listeners expect from Rosee’s Rush? Our Full-length record will be coming out in March 2016, and listeners can expect us to keep putting out our hybrid brand of pop music. Hopefully they’ll be seeing us on other high profile tours and making television appearances etc. At the moment this is quite a whirlwind and we are just happy to be along for the ride. It’s just sick to see so many positive reactions to the music. Oh and there are some great remixes in the works from big DJs!…people are going flip when these remixes drop, and also to see who guests on some of our new tracks. But the record is gonna be really unique and we are so excited to see where this all goes!

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