Ryan Scott is a Michigan rap and hip-hop artist taking his influences from his home base in the Metro-Detroit area. His passion, expression, and unique writing scheme is what seperates him from the rest. His last single “Blue Collar” recieved spotlight attention as he was featured by AMP Radio, a CBS local station in Detroit. “The Kid Is Back” is his newest single and it is already starting to grab attention with a feature on Z-93 Todays Best Hits and a spin on Capital FM, UK’s number one hit radio station. We caught up with Ryan to talk about his start in music, and to see what is in store for him for the remainder of 2014.

Entertwine: When did your interest in music begin? When did you start writing and rapping? Was it around then that you realized it was something you really wanted to pursue?

Ryan Scott: I started writing way back in grade school and it just evolved into music. I had just a passion for rap/hip hop, music in general that I started to think, “if they can do it, why can’t I?”…I really started making moves in my late high school years and then took off once I got to college. I took my poetry and mixed it to some instrumental beats. I loved to freestyle as well, which is basically rapping off the top of the of your head to a random beat. My friends kept telling me to pursue it cuz they thought I had talent. With that said, I believed in a dream and I’ve been chasing it ever since.

ET: What do you believe that you bring to the table over all the other artists in such a large genre? 

RS: To me it isn’t about competition as much as putting out solid music and being yourself as an artist. I believe firmly that music is art, so whatever sound you put out through your music is an expression of who you are and what you stand for. For me, my writing, story telling, and word-play would be my strengths. I love telling a story and especially love combining, twisting, and speeding up words to create a cool sound.

ET: If you could describe your sound in a few words, what would those words be?

RS: My sound is a product of a variety of different influences. I’ve taken notes from my favorite artists throughout the years and kind of combined everything into one sound. Honestly, whoever says they haven’t been influenced or inspired by someone else is bluffin. Everyone is influenced, that creates the music.

ET: Tell us about your latest release, “The Kid Is Back.” What is this song about, and how has the reception been from fans?

RS: “The Kid Is Back” is one of my favorite joints as it was a big release for me, emotionally and musically. I had a lot on my mind at the time and I had to find a way to vent, music helped out immensely and allowed me to deliver a great single to my fans. This single has made some big moves from plays on Michigan’s hit radio station Z-93 Todays Best Hit’s to spins on UK’s Captial FM and many blog features including a shout out from IndieU and Neffworking.com. Really looking forward to seeing where this joint can take me.


ET: What is your main message or purpose you like to get across to your listeners through your music?

RS: My main message would be and always has been about dreaming, making your wildest dreams and aspirations a reality. Nothing is impossible, if you set your mind to it. My main goal is to inspire people, become their motivation to succeed at whatever it is they are chasing.

ET: How has your hometown of Detroit, Michigan influenced or shaped your music career?

RS: I originally grew up in Grand Rapids, MI so I gotta rep my city. But honestly, the Detroit area has embraced me with open arms and helped me grow as a musician. From radio stations, late night shows, to fellow Detroit artists, everyone has played an important role in keeping me motivated and inspired to reach new heights with my music career.

ET: What is next for you in 2014? Any new releases, videos, or tours?

RS: 2014 is a mystery to me. My hope is that I can turn it into a great year by scheduling some local shows and possibly getting enough attention to go on a Midwest tour. I have so much material in the bag that I haven’t released yet so I look forward to getting it out to my listeners. I dream big, all the time. Expect to see it.

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