Sabrina Petrini, lead singer in KingQueen as seen on MTV, LOGO TV, American Music Awards and one of Roland US endorsers just released a single and music video on VEVO from her upcoming EP. It’s a collaboration between her, Dario Comuzzi and Italian dj/producer Dechard and the EP is expected to drop later 2015.’ In our time with Sabrina we got a sneak peek at what music means to her, and what is in store for her in 2015.

Entertwine: Sabrina, thanks for sitting down with us! First off, what initially led you to pursue a career in music? Thanks!My dad always told me “find something you love and become best at it.” And ever since then I always thought “why not?” and I turned my passion in to a job. I opened a dance school when I was 16 and since then I just never tried anything else because art always worked out and took me places all over the world.

What experiences or life events have shaped your music? Like most artists, music is my therapy. It’s an outlet for every experience you have in life. But I think my childhood helped me shape my stubbornness in succeeding because I never really fit in so I didn’t get distracted by other things than just finding happiness and trying to move forward in life. Music became all of that. It was my forward and it still is.

Who or what influences you to write and perform? Is it selfish to say I influence myself to perform? That I’m inspired by growing as an artist and a person and trying things that aren’t in my comfort zone? I’m always competing with myself, excited to see how far I can get and what the next step is in life and in my career. Writing kind of just sorta happens because it’s natural to me to express my feelings in writing and then it becomes a song because my mind finds a melody to attach the words with. I just love singing my feelings.

What are some of the most exciting live performances you’ve been a part of? My favorite one was American Music Awards back in 2010. I will never forget being in a room full of major talent and knowing I’m one of them. Another one was with my band KingQueen at Universal City Walk when we won Hard Rock Rising Battle of The bands. It was amazing to see all our fans at this huge outdoor concert.

What is in store for you for the rest of 2015? I just released two versions of my single “Fucking In Love” and the music video for it on VEVO. It’s co written with DJ/Producer Dechard from Italy. I’m currently recording an EP that is coming out later 2015. I’m working on it with Dechard and guitar player Dario Comuzzi from my band KingQueen but releasing it as a solo artist.

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