Sandeep Khurana is a Spiritualist, Music Composer, and TV Producer. He has composed for more than 100 albums in the genres of New Age Music and World Music, as well as having produced information videos on Yoga, & Healing for TV. Sandeep Khurana’s Music is in iTunes Top 100 New Age Music charts. He has more than a million people in over 50 countries subscribing to his music.

Entertwine: Hello Sandeep! It seems like you lead an extremely busy life, both as a composer and as a television producer; when you do have free time, what activities or hobbies do you spend it on? Who or what inspired you to begin writing music in the first place?

Well in my free time I spend time travelling, see places, meeting people, and more outdoor activities, and spenting time with my loved ones! Talking about hobby I must say that I felt fortunate that it was one of my serious hobbies that I could transform to an opportunity through which I connect with people around the world.

Music has had a great influence over me since my childhood and I discovered that I could understand the language of music. Since my childhood I have been fortunate to have had exposure to both Eastern and Western genres, most of them, and then there was time in life, when I realized that I could actually create and compose new music, melodies, and rhythms, and I could transform the thoughts and messages in form of notes, rhythms, and melodies!

You’ve composed and produced over 100 albums in the World / New Age music genre; how did you first become involved with / exposed to this genre of music? How have you been able to compose and produce music so consistently and so efficiently over such a long period of time?

Spirituality is an integral part of my life, and I have had the opportunity to incorporate spiritual ways into my way of thinking, and dealing with situatioSandeep_Khurana_2013ns to the best way possible! Among the various genres of music, New Age music represents the style of music that I feel is built completely on the spiritual component, and it influences the mind, body and soul in a very profound and powerful way. All music is spiritual I know. Yet it is the inherent healing ability of this class of music, that I resonate it with very closely to be able to express my spiritual messages through New Age music, blending nature sounds with tranquil frequencies, in form of notes and rhythms. And similarly World Music is a genre that represents the sensibilities of the whole world as one yet varied, and that of all humanity, people around the world. It is a great blend of eastern and western instruments nicely weaved together spreading the message of human connection, and love!

You haven’t always been involved exclusively in entertainment; could you tell us a bit about the time you spent working in and studying the fields of engineering, information technology, and journalism? What was it like studying classical music at Ali Akbar Khan College of Music?

I have had a very active and successful career in Information Technology, having done my graduation in Computer Technology from New Delhi in India. And subsequent to that, I studied Film Making, and Journalism at Asian Academy of Film and TV to explore the potential of pursuing a career in music and films. And I am working on it. Yes studying classical music at AACM was one of the great opportunities in my life to study and understand music formally from the esteemed gurus at the prestigious institute.

What inspired the launch of your company SK Infinity in 2004?

Of course, it was time and opportunity to give my music related goals, and my works to follow, a formal name, that is SK Infinity World Media! http://skivamusic.com. We have produced more than 100 albums so far, we are on popular radio channels around the world, and more than a million subscribers from over 50 countries are tuned to our public streaming music, and podcasts. And I feel proud of the fact, and listeners have appreciated our music, and some of our music continues to rock the iTunes Top 100 New Age music charts.

What does 2015 hold in store for Sandeep Khurana?

Yes 2015 takes it forward in terms of putting in efforts to make more music, more productions, and working more towards World music as a genre, spreading the message of positivity, spirituality as well as fun through music and media!

Connect With Sandeep Khurana:
Website: http://skivamusic.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/sandeepkhuranaworldwide
Twitter: http://twitter.com/sandeepkhurana
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/sandeepkhurana

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