Sean Wuorio, or SEANY JUEVOS is a hip hop artist that hails from Port Jefferson Station, Long Island in NY. Seany just recently released his debut hip hop record titled, “The Juevos & T.tom Demo.” Seany calls this work, “a collaboration effort between Long Island Emcee Seany Juevos AND Vermont Emcee Tommy T.Tom. We got to know a bit more about the release int he interview with Seany below – enjoy!

What can you tell us about your musical background? What is the significance of your stage name?

My dad showed me rock bands growing up. So, by 5th grade I was into bands like Green Day, White Stripes, Weezer. My parents got my sister a drum set one year and I played them more then her and learned how to shred on drums. When I was 13 years of age and in 7th grade I started a band with Jake & Brian Ferring called “Aimless Again.” I released my first album with them in 2011 entitled “Bill!” (released independently) and quit the band shortly after. After Leaving “Aimless Again” in Feb 2011, I began writing lyrics. Recorded some hip hop tapes at Audio Production classes offered at Bocies in 2012. 2013-2014 were months spent recording a series of demos. In July 2014 one of my very close life friends (Thomas Oliveri-Ramirez) began recording tracks with me. July 2014 threw October 2014 was time spent recording a collaborative Demo between Seany Juevos (Sean Wuorio) & Tommy T. Tom (Thomas Oliveri – Ramirez) “The Juevos & T.tom Demo” (2014).

To be honest, I don’t really remember how i thought to use that as my stage name/ Rap name/ any name at that. I just think it sounded pretty cool and its at the point where I just call myself “Seany Juevos” pronounced HUEVOS like eggs in spanish. People tell me it stands for a mans testicles in Spanish, so if thats the case always have balls to do what u want to do in life

What is it like living in Port Jefferson Station (on Long Island)? What is the music scene of your hometown and its surrounding area like?

Well i have such a passion for the Island. I live on the north shore in Port Jefferson Station its like straight out of a cartoon. Its just home. The people can be assholes, douchey tools, stuck up girls, loaded house wives, but then u got the Bmx kids, Skaters, Spanish Posse, A.B.O.R.N. (witch is another rap group from my town), Weedheads, Homeless dudes, Artist, Bands. Port Jefferson is right down the hill from Port Jefferson Station and serves as a badass kick it spot. In my hometown of Port Jefferson Station theirs many bands/rappers. We got Vin Jay i consider like a frat rapper to be honest dudes hits CRAZY FLOWS! We got of course Me (Seany Juevos) Emcee/Rapper/Producer/drummer.
My band that i mentioned in your first question that i forgot to mention i actually rejoined after a 3 year absence. Punk/Alternative (Aimless Again). Jackie Guma a old friend i went to kindergarten with runs a biweekly show called The Basement. Mxw Peter (Planet Of Sound Promotions) Sargon Skilliams (General Dope Bookings), Daniel O’Brien (Liquid Shadows Entertainment) are beast when it comes to keeping punk rock and Hip Hop alive on Long Island.

What life experiences and events led to the writing and recording of your recent 13-track release? You collaborated on this project with a fellow artist and friend, correct?

I think this demo was so spontaneous but that’s how it was supposed to be in the grand scheme of things. Leading up to the time we began working on this project i wanted to feature Tom on my solo project i was recording at the time but as recording went on we just made more and more songs together and eventually this demo was a collaborative effort instead of just a Seany Juevos Demo/Mixtape. Yea Thomas Oliveri – Ramriez and I met in 4th grade , Ms Hicksons class and then really became close friends in 7th grade. So when i herd that he wanted to make a demo i was so stoked. We both grew up on separate ends the block along with all the block homies like Toni Broken Arm, Bran aka Brando aka Wonder Bread, Yavi Chavez, Young Eddie, Crazy Mike, Trina, Crazy Gabby, Danny, Dnaps.

Why did you choose Narrow Path Designs to design the artwork for the album? How did this particular concept come about?

I just really dug the dudes art. A very very talented graphic designer. I’ll admit i do’nt really know him well. Search for him via internet/facebook. He made me and Thomas look amazing. Even the way we’re standing is so accurate with Tom lunged over with a blunt and me upright with a mic. its so perfect. The concept for the album art was just a basic idea. NO TITLE (although the Official name is “The Juevos & T.tom Demo”) , We wanted a trippy backround, very colorfull, very layered, and cartoony. One of us with a mic and the other with some weed and it came out perfect!

What does 2015 hold in store for Seany Juevos? Do you have any upcoming performances scheduled?

I hope 2015 brings new Aimless Again and new Seany Juevos

Aimless Again- A Very Ugly Christmas 2014
Sunday December 21
89 North Music Venue
Doors at 3 / Music at 3:30
$5 21+ / $8 18-20


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