Seth Jeremy has been creating music since he was twelve years old. A skilled musician in writing, arranging, singing, piano, saxophone, guitar and programming, he champions making a song the best it can be. “Seth Jeremy’s creative approach is raw and un-orthodox, yet refreshingly simplistic.” ~ Darryl Swann (grammy winner) Seth Jeremy’s new dance/pop project, entitled, “RewindStoPlay,” is inspired by the timeless tradition of immediately wanting to play your favorite songs over and over in un-categorized obsession. Find out more in the interview with Seth below!

Entertwine: You’ve been composing / writing music since the age of 12, correct? What inspired the creation of this particular project?

I’ve been writing music since the age of 12 probably even before then. Always humming things beat boxing, slamming my hands on something to keep entertained. I started this project as I produce other people as well. I wanted to produce/co-produce with Darryl Swann (Grammy Award Winner Producer-Macy Gray). I also wanted to blend a bunch of loves of different music that I wasn’t getting to do like; hip-hop, dance, pop, old school 80’s stuff, etc.

What was it like growing up in Denver, Colorado? Could you tell us about your involvement with the music scene of Denver? You first studied at the Denver School of the Arts as a teenager and then at Lamont School of Music, correct?

Denver and I have a love/hate relationship because if you grow up in the same place and don’t move you just get stuck, I think. I love my family, the mountains but it is much different there, then when I was growing up. Now that I’m not there it is more loveable but a bit of a catch 22.

Growing up Denver they had a great ska, punk, and funk scene. I always dug the dance/abstract styles, such as the great funk band Psychedelic Zombies. Later in life I got to be friends/co-workers with Nick in Devotchka. I worked with a ton of funk/rock/punk bands and really, really loved 16 Horsepower (a gothic, country, rock kind of thing). I got introduced to a lot of great groups and saw in Co; The Roots, Radiohead, Bjork, Sonic Youth. Not to mention seeing a band at Red Rocks is literally a life changing experience.

I grew up playing in Denver in a lot of Funk Bands, Jam Bands, and R&B groups. A lot of time I was the only white Afro Jew playing horn.

Correct, Going to Denver School Of The Arts was one of the coolest experiences for a high school kid. I was going to private school, not by my choice and hated it. It’s a bit like the movie Fame just all this creativity and talent from every angle; art, dance, theatre, music. Lamont School of Music was cool, but I was always the guy asking can’t we do it differently? Why all these rules?

What has it been like working on this record with Darryl Swann? Could you walk us through each of the featured tracks? What is the significance of this project’s name?

I loved working with Darryl Swann. The man has been like family and has been a saving grace to the craziness of LA. He’s amazing; we’ve worked on other people’s music together too and other projects ranging from pop, dance, blues, rock. He is extremely patient, a hard worker, gives into most of my whims, and his advice is priceless.

DJ Artemis Gordon, a godsend and recommendation inspired the LOHAN song idea from Darryl. Anyway, we were supposed to meet up to go over the live set. He was late and let me know, and then a little later. Well there was a bar next to the studio, not the best idea for a studio to be next to a bar or maybe it is? So one drink turned to two and well turned into too many, and I came into the studio to work. I said, “Sorry man I’m a little tipsy just putting it out there.” Artemis said, “You getting drunk like LOHAN” I said, “give me a piece of a paper, and my friend that is a song.”

For that one song I was singing over something Andre had but we couldn’t find the DJ that made it. So Darryl Swann re-did it, and then we worked together and he laid down some bass, and guitars, I tweaked the synths and sang the vocals, and Andre laid down the hype.

The band name, RewindStoPlay is the idea that back in the day when you had a tape player, wow I’m old but wise hahaha. You would rewind and stop and play back your favorite songs.

You write (in many different genres) for films and for other bands, correct?

Yes, I write for films, other bands, do production, programming, engineering, edit, record, tune, whatever they need I got. I also play piano, sing, keyboards, guitar, and saxophone. I’ve worked with Social Club a San Diego band, Tracy Fancher (Dallas/Austin/LA songwriter), Max Benoit and the Unblockables (comedy), Shoshanna Feist (Songwriter/Pianist). In the past I’ve done everything from big bands, to string quartets, to rock bands. 

How will you ring in the New Year? What does 2015 hold in store for Seth Jeremy and Rewind Stop Play?

Haven’t even thought about New Years Eve yet but it will probably include a circus of freaks, midgets, and small barn yard animals!!!

I’m working on booking more gigs with RewindStoPlay and playing more with Max Benoit and The Unblockables. Working on more music for RewindStoPlay , and adding a guitarist named Ivan and more live elements to the set, more videos. Playing in March with a great band called The Controversy featuring Laura Vall. I’d like to play more at colleges and house parties so working on that.

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