With a powerful message of hope, singer/songwriter Sima is made her musical debut with the album “This Is My Truth. At an early age, she honed her musical abilities and talent to pursue a life as rock singer. Her strong voice and inspirational lyrics made it apparent to everyone around her that she had something profound to share.She realized that she wanted to do more than entertain – she wanted to use music as a tool to reach out and inspire others. Knowing that the US was the pinnacle of success for so many music artists, she made the decision to leave Israel and move to the US on her own.
Sima recently released a new EP “Beautiful Liar” which features her most ambitious work to date as well as her most textured. From emotionally charged ballads like “Set It On Fire” to up tempo rockers like “Alone With You”,Sima has taken a large step forward in both production and songwriting.

Entertwine: Who or what led you to pursue a career in music in the first place? Who are your biggest musical influences?

My musical journey began in a room I shared with my older sister, Janet, in our childhood home in Israel. Being a huge fan of rock music, my sister exposed me to an array of classic, alternative and contemporary rock music, sparking my passion and desire to perform. Around the age of 10 years old, I realized music was my passion. I used to lock myself in my room for hours and sing and listen to music. It was like a get away, an escape to a dream world where I could be anything I wanted to be and express my heart’s desires, my pain and love. I found that in that little room back in Israel and that little radio I had was everything to me. I remember singing and dancing in front of the TV. Once my family realize that their little girl had talent, it wasn’t long before I was the center of attention, singing in family events, festivals and school I remember my dad use to drive me to acting classes and singing competition, from there, I knew it was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I felt happy and I wanted to express that part of myself that felt so free and the ability to connect to emotions and people.

My biggest musical inspirations were introduced to me at a young age. Bands like Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, The Cure, Janis Joplin, Pat Benatar, G&R, Metallica, Cyndi Laupre, Madonna, Bjork, Stevie Nicks, The Doors, AC/DC, Massive Attack, The Cranberries, U2, The pretenders, Muse, Alanis Morrisete, Alicia Keys and many, many more.

What experiences and events led to the writing and recording of your new EP “Beautiful Liar”? Could you tell us about each of the featured songs?

Beautiful Liar was an extended version of my previous record, This Is My Truth. I wanted to keep sharing my life’s journey. Beautiful Liar, is an expression of my life experiences, my desires, pain, heartbreaks and my life mission, which is to inspire and uplift through my music. When I wrote this record I was in a place in my life where I wanted to find depth in everything I do as a woman and as an artist. Expressing myself through words and music become a lot more meaningful. Even the love I wanted to express was much deeper, the message I want to send out there, to the young generation, was very important to me, that’s why I wrote the song Set It All On Fire. I wanted to inspire people to recognize their full potential and let go of the past, or anything that stopping them from seeing their real, beautiful true self.

This new EP is very textured, from emotionally charged songs like, Will You Find Me and, Wherever You Are, to up-tempo rockers like, Alone With You. The song, Alone With You, pushes the boundaries of today’s modern alternative sound, with an onslaught of harmonious guitars synchronized meticulously to the intense drums with raw, eclectic emotions. The song talks about how you can be in a relationship and still feel so alone and disconnected with that person. Even then, so many times, we stay in toxic and unhealthy relationships. I think until we learn self love and letting go of the “stories” that keep us in unhealthy relationships, only then we can honor ourselves and our deep desires to have real, meaningful love and walk away from anything, or anyone that doesn’t empower us.

What went into the making of the music video for ‘Beautiful Liar’?

In the music video for, Beautiful Liar, I wanted to show a strong woman who is on a mission to take back what was stolen from her. In this case it was a key that represented the key to her heart. I wanted to show the transformation through use of imagery and locations and take the audience on that journey, with her, to find what belongs to her.
Shooting this music video was super fun, I got to be creative with my looks and styling and work with my some of good friends. The last scene in the video was fun and intense. We created this investigation room, a torture Chamber that looked so real and crazy, something from a scene of a scary movie lol.. I had all those torture weapons and my look was so badass! We tied, Michael (the bad guy in the video) to the chair with he’s mouth taped. We wanted to make it as real and intense as possible. Also, the lighting in the room really helped making that creepy feel. My favorite scene was the jungle scene, when I found him hiding in the woods and I captured him. I loved creating that feel of a war zone type thing.. that I’m on a manhunt, warrior mode. I loved creating the outfit for that scene and my make up and hair was incredible it was super tribal and cool.


What was it like working with Aaron Knight, Tom Lord-Alge, and Ted Jensen on your 2012 release “This Is My Truth”? How does “Beautiful Liar” differ from or expand on “This Is My Truth”?

It was great working with all of them. Aaron was one of my best friends back in NYC and one of the people who believed in my talent since day one. Having Tom Lord Alge mixing my single, Breaking Down The Walls, and Ted Jensen mastering it and few other singles on, This Is My truth, was a dream come true! Here I am, this girl from a small town in Israel, working with some of the biggest names in the music industry, Grammy award winning, talented people that have worked with some of the biggest artists in the world. I believe when I wrote, Beautiful Liar, I took the next step as an artist, songwriter and a producer. This record is very intimate for me. I just wanted to do what I love and write about the things that matter to me. It wasn’t about the big names, it was about me taking ownership of my talent and becoming the artist I wanted to be.

I wrote every song on that EP, Co produced it. I had a clear vision of what I wanted to create in this point of my career. I wanted to be a strong woman that can stand on her own and call the shots. I wasn’t scared to explore, take risks and fully express my heart and soul and be Ok with everything that I am. I really believe that I needed to grow as an artist and a writer and that was the only way I could do it, trusting and believing in myself.
I think it’s also an extended version of, This Is My Truth, because I was still expression my deep desires and I was still growing and learning about my self. I was shading the layers of my self and I was dealing with my blocks, past, heartbreaks and letting go and healing through writing.

What does 2015 hold in store for Sima?

2015 is going to be an amazing year, my career is going to take off! I’m currently working on amazing project/ album called, Broken Wings.
The single, Broken Wings, is a song I wrote to inspire peace in the Middle East and bridge the gaps between Israelis and Palestinians and people around the world.

I invited the incredible musician, Palestinian artist, Naser Musa, to play the Oud on the song and sing in Arabic. I also got to sing in Hebrew for the first time in 14 years. I’m also in a process of making a documentary about the process of making the song, coming together as artists, spiritual being and human beings to uplift and inspire others through music. The film also tells my childhood story how and where I grow up during ongoing war. There will also be an educational aspect, when I interview some amazing people that shared they thoughts about how we can create peace in our lives and in the world.
I’m also in the process of finishing the rest of the record, which once again, will have so many incredible music influences from pop, electronic, rock and Middle East feel and vibe. I’m also working on some branding deals and a tour and many more exciting projects.

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