He started making music at the age of 10. By the time he was 13, he started rapping. In 1994 when he was in America he finally got his first single titled: “Turkish Style”. When he visited Turkey in the Summer of 1995 he established his first rap group, “Hayalet” consisting of 3 people. They made 2 songs only: “Kankardesler” & “Hayalet”. Then he went back to America and established “NARCOTIC” in 1996 also consisting of 3 people. He finished this album called “Beyaz Karanlik” that same year. He left America in 2000 and opened Turkey’s first rap music studio in Kadikoy, Istanbul and in 2002 while working on his own album, he made 9 songs for the group “NEFRET” one of the best rap groups in Turkey and became their producer. He also have Narcotic’s album released in 2002 after adding additional songs to it. He has been awarted to * 2002 best rap music producer – best compilation album (Digitalmix Vol. 1) & hiphop honer award. And also in * 2003, best rapper of Turkey award. Sirhot released his first solo album ”NAKAVT”(Knockout) in 2007. After 7 years break he released his single ”Ben Kimdim” in 2014 – we talked to Sirhot about this recent release, and also got to know his music history a bit better.

Entertwine: You have a very long history of music in your life & started at a young age! When did you decide it was something worth giving your all in order to make a career in music?

Sirhot: I started at the age of 10 by remixing songs with cassette decks. then i started making music with amiga computer. then i started singing heavy metal. After that i realized that i like rap and at age 13 i started rapping. although i establish many achievements and got many music awards( best rapper of Turkey, best rap producer of Turkey so many more..) i am current working as general director in an elevator company and making my music at my music studio also i have a record label called Digitalmix Records.

ET: Being from Turkey, and having traveled back and fourth to the US many times to work on music, which country do you feel inspired you the most, and why?

S: I never influenced by anyone so far. i always tried to do thing that has never done before. I create very different and original rap songs i also am a singer i sing and also a composer and mix and mastering engineer. So i don’t know what my music sounds like but people call me Dr. Dre of Turkey.

ET: Tell us about your recent single release, “Ben Kimdim.” What was the writing and recording process for this single, and after 7 years of break, how did it feel to start again?

S: I realized i couldn’t live without music so i started again. Ben kimdim is actually a song from my upcoming album which will be released in 5 6 months. Before that i wanted my fans to know that i was back.

ET: When you aren’t performing, what takes up your free time?

S: I manage an elevator company as a head director. Also i make decorations to housed because I am also an interior architect.

ET: What is next for you in 2014?

S: I will release a compilation album ( Digitalmix Vol 2) after that my solo album called psikopat( psychopath ) and after that I will release a total english single for Europe USA and Canada fallowing my complete english solo album for world release.

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