At the young age of 24, Sizzle is very passionate about inspiring others through his music, dance, and even his lifestyle after the music stops. Growing up in the suburbs of Houston, Tx music was not one of his strongest passions, but God had a bigger plan. Sizzle now travels the US performing & speaking at many different Events & Venues inspiring people to chase their dreams, believe in themselves and never give up. Enjoy our interview with Sizzle below!

Entertwine: Were you always around music growing up, or was your interest in performing and inspiring something that came along later in your life?

Sizzle: I did not grow up around music. I was more interested in drawing, playing sports, and video games. In high school I would write poetry and short corny songs for girls that I was interested in, but it wasn’t until I was 16 that I grew a real interest in actually doing my own original music. My 1st opportunity to perform was given to me by my old youth pastor at Champion Life Centre.

ET: Whats the story behind a name like Sizzle?

S: It’s not the coolest story but it was given to me when I ran track at Klein High School because I ran so fast. It was like my feet actually “sizzled’. And the name stuck with me after that.

ET: How would you describe your sound to an audience unfamiliar with your music? Any influences that have contributed to the development of your sound?

S: I personally listen to and appreciate a wide variety music such as, trap, r&b, jazz, edm, reggae, gospel, salsa, bachata, acoustic and so many more. So I don’t focus on a specific genre but lately I’ve been leaning more into creating songs people can dance to.

ET: Tell us about your purpose as an artist – you perform music, but you mainly travel to inspire and motivate your audience, is this correct? 

S: I believe my purpose as an artist is to reach & inspire people through my music. 
Yes you are correct. My shows are not just about jumping, dancing, singing, and going crazy. I want each person in the audience to leave motivated & inspired.

ET: What inspired you to do this?

S: Well I love music & dancing but I know that theres more to life than what I see in front of me. And when obstacles of any size stand in front of me the only thing that can trust in is God.

ET: When you aren’t performing, what takes up your free time?

S: I’m actually still working a full-time job as a graphic artist for a wholesale company based in Houston and enjoy it. Also I volunteer at Redeemed Ministries which is an organization that focuses on taking care of women who have been rescued from the sex trafficking industry. So besides music, work, and volunteering you will find me either spending time with my lady or salsa dancing haha.

ET: What is next for you in 2014?

S: This year has been tough but productive and now I’m excited that my full album ‘Go Get It” is scheduled to release this fall. So you can expect more music, more music videos, more events.

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