Skelley’s Dream is an international music project established by songwriter Winski den Hartog. Winski den Hartog is set to record his tenth album, this being his first as “Skelley’s Dream”. This Holland-based project is an amalgamation of different musical styles, as well as the joining of different vocalists and artists from all over the world. Enjoy our interview with the artist below as he breaks down the band’s origination, name, and musical direction.

Entertwine: How and where did Skelley’s Dream originate?

Skelley’s Dream: Skelley’s Dream originated in Holland (the Netherlands).
It is an initiative of Winski den Hartog that started out as
a music project. I wanted to record some songs with professional
and inspired musicians, so I asked some local friends to join
me in the studio. We recorded the first album ‘For You’;
now I am about to release my tenth album. I now record with
people all over the world that play different styles.
This way, the songs I write are enriched by these different styles.

ET: What genre would you classify Skelley’s Dream, and how do you feel that you stand out beyond the rest in that genre?

SD: Skelley’s Dream consists of various music styles ranging from
pop, soul, rock-a-soul, R&B to ballads. Skelley’s Dream stands out because of these great variations. I work with a lot of different vocalists from all over the world like LA, New York, London, and Holland. Each vocalist shapes the song with his or her
unique sound.

ET: On most of your album covers, and in your videos, a blonde character is shown, although you have a male singer – who is this character, and what does she represent?

I work with male and female vocalists, and all the covers vary.
The photograpy of the covers are made by enthusiastic photographers,
and I like to combine music and photography.

ET: What was the idea behind the video for “There’s a Wonder?”

The song is about my experience that there is always a wonder ready in all the little and big things we do in our lives. And that you are mostly always in control to shape that miracle. The video is just a fun way of waking that person up
with a blowdryer and making her aware of the fact that there is always a wonder.

ET: Where did the name, Skelley’s Dream originate, and what does it mean?

SD: When I was visiting Texel, one of the Wadden Islands in the Netherlands,
I visited the war cemetery there. Soldiers from World War II are honoured there. Texel (Den Burg) General Cemetery contains a plot of 167 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War, most of them airmen: 44 of the burials are unidentified.

Walking passed the headstones, I came across ‘Frank Skelley’. I wrote down his name and looked for him on the internet and to my surprise, I found more information about him.

The youngest member of Baden Fereday’s crew was Sgt. Frank Skelley, aged 19. Sgt. Skelley had joined the Merchant Navy as a boy. After war broke out he had transferred to the RAF to train as aircrew. He acted as a bomber and also manned the front turret.

The airplane Frank was in was shot down and landed in the water. Time seemed endless; they had been in the water several hours. With the passing of time their resistance to the cold had lowered. They were all feeling the onset of exposure. Young Frank Skelley began praying: he prayed out loud and long to God to be allowed to live. His anguished voice was lost in the vastness of the sea. The other two tried to comfort him but as Baden Fereday was to say later,

“There wasn’t much we could do for him because we were all in the same boat.”

Frank’s prayers went unanswered. They had been in the water for nearly six hours when a Luftwaffe air-sea rescue seaplane from Norderney landed on the sea near them. It was just ten minutes after Frank Skelley had died.

Frank Skelley was so young, undoubtably with still so many dreams, that were just stolen from him when he gave his life for our freedom. Freedom in which we are allowed and privileged to make our music and make our dreams come true. Thank you Frank and all others.

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