Sonia Jeron is a driven, talented and passionate singer whose music strikes for an uplifting and bright feel. Her brand new single “You as the One” is a pleasant combination of pop rock grooves and more importantly, Sonia’s heartfelt vocals. She can be soft and warm in the verses, while injecting tons of energy within the memorable hooks of the track. Originally hailing from Lisbon, Portugal, Sonia spends a lot of time in London, UK, and travels extensively throughout the world, working with top producers such as Vitor Salgueiral, Yoad Nevo (Duran Duran, Bryan Adams, Goldfrapp…) and others. Watch out for the upcoming releases and let the music tell you the rest of the story! Enjoy the interview and tunes below!

ET: How did you get your start into music, what drew you to start writing and performing?

Sonia Jeron: I started writing music long ago, when I was a teenager. At the time I was learning music, and from the first chords I started directly composing my musical ideas of the moment. It was a very natural process – no pressure at all, and really about sharing ideas and musicality. 

ET: How would you describe your sound? If you had to choose three words to do so, what would they be? 

SJ: Clear, soulful, & meaningful.

ET: Being from Portugal, and being familiar with a lot of Europe – how would you say traveling has impacted the way you see and write music?

SJ: I used to say traveling opens our minds and hearts. For me was very important to see different things, or even the same things I knew but from another perspective. Perspective can change a lot on how we see things… having contact with other musicians was also important to make me start composing in different music styles and languages. It’s all about opening our horizon to a bigger field. 

ET: Tell us about your new single, “You as the One.” What is this song about, and how is this song different than your past work?

SJ: This song is a metaphor. The lyrics might sound obvious at first, but it is actually a collection of bad experiences I had in relationships all together in one song. So it is basically about how important a person can become in my life without noticing, until he loses me. It’s different from my previous work because of the metaphor. In the past i used to be more obvious while writing. Also the sound is more what I call a rock fm sound, instead of pure pop. 

ET: What are your future plans for the rest of 2014 and beyond?

SJ: By the end of this year I plan to finish the album I’m recording now, and probably start live performances with this music as well.

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