This pop band is all about some brotherly love. Tommy and Arthur Lohrmann have always known music, and always have known each other, so only one thing made sense for this dynamic duo. These two have been pumping out prime pop tunes since they were young, and we here at Entertwine decided to see what they’re all about!

Entertwine: In brief, tell us a little about Sonic Nights. 

Tommy Lohrmann: Arthur and I founded Sonic Nights in May of 2012. We had been playing under my solo name and were tired of not having an identity outside that. We played around the Washington DC area almost bi-weekly during much of 2012, along with traveling around country performing and promoting our debut album. Throughout 2013, we’ve strictly dedicated our efforts towards working with other musicians. We run a music blog and offer consulting and management packages to artists from all over the world.

ET: What does the name Sonic Nights represent?33

TL: Faith, freedom, humility, love, and respect.

ET: If you could describe your music in three words what would they be?

TL: Conventional, passionate, and splendiferous.

ET: What is your favorite song you have written?

TL: We’re most excited about two new tracks we’ll be releasing in 2014, one called ‘Coast’, the other ‘Stay With Me Tonight’. We demoed ‘Coast’ this past January, but put off further recording to work on other material and other ventures. Everything about this song is everything we want to convey as a band. ‘Stay With Me Tonight’ is another high-energy track I co-wrote with a gentleman who found me through my music blog. As for music we’ve already released, I’d say ‘All These Monsters’ & ‘Alien/American’. These two are the most musically diverse we’ve written and are in more of the direction we’d like to go as we move forward.


ET: Who would you say are your influences?

TL: I find more and more that the artists and friends I surround myself with and work with have a profound influence on the music I write and the music I enjoy listening to. I do have three favorite albums, though; Maroon 5’s “Songs about Jane”, +44’s “When Your Heart Stops Beating”, and Spitalfield’s “Remember Right Now”. Producer Mark Trombino (who did Jimmy Eat World’s first four records & The Starting Line’s breakthrough album “Say It Like You Mean It”) has also had a huge impact on how we structure our songs.

ET: What is it like being in a band with your brother? Must be a real cool experience.

 TL: I’ve been playing music with my brother since we were teenagers; we began playing together in churches, and played in bands throughout high school. I went away to college in 2009, but returned in 2011, and Arthur and I have been inseparable since, working towards our goals as a team.

ET: Besides singing and guitar, what other instruments do you play?

TL: I play bass and (in my opinion) am actually most proficient and creative on this instrument. I’m extremely honest with myself (in regards to my vocal and guitar ability) and thus desire to learn more theory and technicality before I’d consider myself a true, skilled musician.

ET: What is your mission through your music?

TL: Musically, our mission is to always invent and create. As a business and provider of artist services, we seek to positively impact and directly guide each of the musicians we work with.

ET: Where’s the best place for our readers to listen to your music?

TL: We’re on iTunes, Spotify, and our website/Soundcloud; I also have music from previous projects on Bandcamp.


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