Sono Vero is a talented young band from Southern California and the 2014 Artists In Music Awards Best Reggae Artist winner. Sono Vero reached a major milestone in 2014 as their single “Never Say Goodbye” topped the world famous radio station KGUP 106.5FM in Los Angeles for 18 straight weeks as the most requested artist. The Los Angeles based recording artist shared the Top 10 with other artists including Matt Cardle, Cher Llyod, Glitter Rose, The Neighbourhood, Pierce the Veil, Carleton Stone, Soren Bryce, Melanie Taylor, and Walla. Sono Vero brings a fresh fun sound that blends Island Reggae with a Hip-Hop/Rap flair. From the beach to the city, Sono Vero is a product of their California surroundings. This Alternative/Reggae/Hip-Hop group has performed across the country and has shared the stage with some of the most reputable names in the scene. The successful release of their self-titled EP climbed to the top 10 iTunes reggae albums charts. Sono Vero recently finished recording their new “Roses for the Reckless EP” with legendary producer Lewis Richards released Valentine’s Day 2014 and is currently No. 7 on iTunes Reggae charts. Enjoy our interview with Sono Vero below!

Entertwine: How did you all meet? When did your interest in music begin? What are your musical backgrounds like?

Sono Vero: Charlie, Dan and Nathan live a couple of houses apart and went to high school together. Anthony, Steven and Budda joined the band from hearing them play at other shows and they all just clicked. We all discovered a love for music at a pretty young age. Charlie started playing piano at 5 and Nathan shortly after. Charlie and Dan started making music together at age 14. Sono Vero started while we were in High School. Dan, Charlie and Nathan all attended the same school. Some members elected to leave the band and we added Anthony Kochis, Steven Ingraham, Budda Foster, all amazing artists who have been playing since childhood. We are all still pretty young with only half of us over 21. We feel we are just beginning our musical journey and still growing as artists

ET: If you had to describe your music in 3 words, what would they be?

SV: Fresh, Unique, Californiacatable

ET: What does the genre “Alternative Reggae” mean to you?

SV: A fusion of musical stylings with a reggae backbone but not limited to one expression or style. The ability to share that story in the most real and relevant way.

ET: What do you all feel you bring to the table that is different from other artists in your genre?

SV: We like to think that we have a sort of personification of California. This comes with a reggae influence but our love of music expands us to a genre of alternative rock and hip-hop as well.

ET: What was it like topping KGUP 106.5FM in LA for 18 straight weeks with your previous single, “Never Say Goodbye”?

SV: The run was simply amazing to us. Getting that validation from something that is your passion is hard to put into words. It has meant so much to us to have the opportunity to get our music heard, which is a huge challenge for a young independent band. The exposure has opened up doors for us we didn’t have before and introduced us to a host of resources we hope can help us continue our musical journey.

ET: Tell us about your upcoming single, “End of Forever.” What can fans expect?

SV: “End of Forever”  is one of five tracks from our newest EP “Roses for the Reckless”. The EP is about young love and the journey young lovers go through as their relationship evolves.  “End of Forever” is a chapter in that story.

ET: Why was this your choice of a single over the other songs off the upcoming EP

SV: Each track in the “Roses for the Reckless” EP is about a different experience in a new relationship. We felt it was time to share this chapter of the story.


ET: What can you tell us about the upcoming EP? can you let us in on any secrets

SV: Trying to keep them secrets but it will reveal a side of us our fans haven’t seen.

ET: What are your goals for the coming months?

SV: Getting our music heard, Spreading the Sono Vero story, and sharing a little bit of a different side of us in our covers on our YouTube channel In anyway we can.

ET: What is next for you in 2014?

SV: Our plan is to just make good music as well and often as we possibly can while getting to connect with as many fans as the world can handle. We are shooting for a full Album this next year as well as a music video. We believe if we make a project we are proud of, fans will like it and the rest will take care of itself.

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