Step SiSter produces progressive dubstep and chillstep music featuring a variety of female vocalists including Veela and Anna Makovchik. Inspired by artists like Blackmill, Rameses B and Skrux, Step SiSter emphasizes warm wobbles and hauntingly beautiful melodies. Step SiSter reflects a sense of mystery, whimsy and quirkiness. For more information, check out the interview with SS below! Please contact Step SiSter if you are interested in being a featured vocalist.

Entertwine: Could you tell us about your musical background? What initially led you to begin writing music?

Step SiSter: I grew up in a little mountain bar that had an old upright piano in the corner. While my Daddy was sweeping up at night, he’d let me play a little. I never did get piano lessons. : – (

What is it like living in Santa Cruz, California? What is the music scene of Santa Cruz like?

Now I live near La Honda in the Santa Cruz Mountains. This is where the hippies got started a long time ago so most of the music is kinda . . .  hippie. : – )

What experiences and events inspired the writing and recording of your debut releases ‘If I Could Only Be Into You’? Are you currently working on any follow-up material?

My friend Anna Makovchik is in this really cool band called Kiwi Time, but she likes my dubstep and chillstep productions. So she sang a song for my debut single. The song is about how everyone loves somebody who loves somebody else. And even if somebody really loves you, and it might be convenient to be in a relationship with them, it won’t work if you are not into them.

What has the experience of working with Goth Mountain Music been like?

A bit scary. It’s a really strange scene up there on that misty mountaintop. Seriously. Strange.

How will you start 2015? What does the new year hold in store for Step SiSter?

I’m working on a new song featuring the amazing talented VEELA. She’s become such a big star and has the best voice in electronic music today. I was inspired by hearing VEELA’s “Siren” vocals a few years ago when I first got started. The new song is kinda like Blackmill, Ramese B or Skrux.

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