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Tariah is a young and talented artist based in Switzerland. Her music can be described as inspiring contemporary pop. She is currently working on releasing her first full-length album. Recently she traveled to New York and Los Angeles to shoot her first music video to her upcoming single, called “Whine Up”, which features the California-Based artist C-Tru. Be sure to subscribe to Tariah’s Facebook Fan Page & follow her on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date for her upcoming Album Release.

Entertwine: Could you tell us about your musical background? When did you begin performing, and who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music in the first place?

Growing up, music played a big part in my family. My older sister played the saxophone, my little sister played the piano, and I played the violin. I started singing since I could talk! It wasn’t until a year ago that I had my first real performance in front of 3’000 people. Based on their reactions and emotions, I realized that I had the ability to touch people through music. This is what inspired me to pursue a career in music, to help people through my voice.

What was it like growing up in Zurich, Switzerland? What can you tell us about the music scene of your hometown?

Switzerland is a beautiful country to live in. Zurich is its largest city. There is a lot of talent on the Swiss music scene, however it’s a small country and therefore a small market for musicians, which means it’s very rare to be able to live from a career in music here.

What has it been like traveling to Los Angeles, California, New York City, New York and Porlezza, Italy to film new music videos, record new music and perform live?

It’s been an exciting experience, I’ve made a lot of contacts and connected with many people from different cultures. It’s also nice to see that teamwork is possible even when people live in different countries.

What experiences and events influenced the writing and recording of your two new singles ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ and ‘Wine Up’? What was it like working with C-Tru on ‘Wine Up’?

“Good Girl Gone Bad” was based on a true story, a past relationship, mainly about knowing your worth in a relationship. “Wine Up” is more of a song to dance to, and escape from the daily stress and let yourself go. Working with C-Tru was a great experience, highly professional and working with artists internationally was a new experience for me.

What went into the making of the music video for ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’? Was the process similar or different for the music video for ‘Wine Up’?

For Good Girl Gone Bad, we had a lot of time to prepare the video shoot, we were able to visit the location in Italy which is a 4 hour drive from Zurich, at Parco San Marco. We also had 3 days to shoot with a film company called Coptercam company, and we were able to discuss the concept in depth.

With Wine up, we had to organize the video shoot in L.A. although we were based in Zurich. With C-Tru’s help, we managed to get in touch with BeMore Media, an L.A. based video production company. The process was very different, we skyped and e-mailed a lot more for that video, and we had only 1 day to shoot it all. So the pressure was much greater for “Wine Up” because we knew that our time was limited. In the end, we were really happy with both videos, because they fit the ideas of the songs perfectly. And I realized that making music videos involves much more than a camera team. It involves a lot more people and planning. Overall, it’s been a great experience for me.

What has working with Swissivory been like? You’re featured on his latest track ‘Victims’, correct?

Yes, that’s correct. Swissivory has been my significant other for almost 3 years. We weren’t sure at first, if mixing music and our private relationship would work out. However, for the past 18 months we have been working on my album, with a producer by the name of Robin Halley. He has a lot of experience and has played for great artists such as Lee Scratch Perry and more. When I recorded the hook to the song “Victims”, Swissivory liked it so much that he asked me if he could put it on his own album. So it was an honor for me to be part of his project “Real Dreams”, which features a lot of international artists.Good_Girl_Gone_Bad

What was it like working in the studio with Patrick Miller?

Working with such a successful artist as Patrick Miller was a great opportunity for me, he is not only extremely talented but he also has a great personality and is really down to earth. Our studio sessions have been very productive so far, because of our mutual passion for music.

If you could record with any two artists, who would you choose?

Beyoncé & Emeli Sandé (laughs)

Are there any hobbies or activities you enjoy in your free time outside of music?

I love to dance, although that also has to do with music!

What does the remainder of 2015 hold in store for Tariah? Do you have any upcoming performances scheduled?

Right now we are putting the finishing touches to my album, which will be about 12 songs long. I have a band which I’ve been practicing with, and as soon as my album is done, we will start booking shows. For now, 2015 is the year when I bring out my first full length album. I look forward to performing the songs off the album live. I also have a couple more music videos to shoot this year, including a song with Lenny Harold of Blackstreet. He will also be featured on my album. There will also be a few surprises, stay tuned for more!

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