The Lonely Ghosts Club is a one man band direct from Calgary Canada comprised of Cullen Carry. While this small project out of this young man’s basement is just beginning, a small following has already bloomed. From sweet Indie pop melodies to dark and soulful guitar strums, no one song is the same experience when listening to The Lonely Ghosts Club. We got to ask Cullen of TLGC a few questions about the group and their latest works.

Entertwine: Could you tell us a bit about your musical background? What inspired the formation of The Lonely Ghosts Club, and what is the significance of the name?

Cullen (TLGC): A couple years ago, i released an album under my own name. At that point i was only 18, i was merely dipping my toes into singing and songwriting. I felt as if that album was made for the sole purpose of putting music out there. The music i wrote back then wasn’t me or wasn’t who i am. The reason i created the pseudonym “The Lonely Ghosts Club” is because it feels more natural. It definitely relates to me in a big way. And it’s not just for me. It’s for anyone who feels lost and alone, who feels like the world abandoned them and they have nowhere left to turn. That’s what my music is about. It’s very personal and real. The lyrics capture a lot of who i am and what i’ve went through in my life. And i feel if somebody can listen to that and relate to what i’ve experienced myself, it makes that shared connection, and that’s what i love about The Lonely Ghosts Club, anyone can be apart of it.

Where are you from? What is the music scene of your hometown like?

I’m from the beautiful city of Calgary, Canada, and the music i’ve found locally is lovely and extremely diverse. I’ve seen everything from Jazz bands, Country acts, Rock bands, even a couple DJ’s here and there. I’ve known Calgary to be a very welcoming city and i’ve yet to see two performances alike.

What life experiences and events led to the writing and recording of your debut album “Bruises”? Could you walk us through each of the featured tracks?

“Bruises” is a very personal album, and i believe it required a lot of growing up to really achieve. The entire concept revolves around the mental and emotional bruises oneself acquires throughout life, comparing them to physical bruises which can wear a person down over time. It’s also a record about living life, and not being held back by the devastating things. I wanted to have a lot of fun recording it, but i also wanted it to be authentic and raw. One of the more honest and intrinsic songs, and one of my personal favourites is the song “Skin” which is about the loss of a close friend who always taught me how to grow and be myself, and without them it feels as if my anxieties and insecurities have clouded my entire perspective on life. Its a deep song showing my desire to move on, but my incapability to do so. One of the crowd pleasers from “Bruises” is a song called “Sex and Money”, which is a playful electro-pop jab at the top artists in the music industry for making the same songs about the same things. However, in creating this, i found i’ve become what i’ve tried to parody.

What activities do you enjoy outside of music?Photo_on_20141208_at_1351__3

I love to travel. Getting on a plane and experiencing a new part of the world is absolutely one of the most thrilling things i could do. It’s also a great way to inspire. I wrote one of my songs based entirely off of Las Vegas because of my undying love for Sin City.

What does 2015 hold in store for Cullen Carry? Do you have any upcoming performances scheduled for the new year?

2015 is going to be nothing short of a big, busy, and exciting year for me and The Lonely Ghosts Club. I’ve already begun writing and recording a new album which i’m aiming to release by July or August. In addition, i’m set to be collaborating with a few artists in the new year which is something i love to do. Working with other voices, regardless of who they are is an experience in itself. As far as shows go, there’s going to be a lot more in 2015. I’ll be performing a lot of open mic nights around Calgary in January, and i’ll be booking my own shows whenever i get the opportunity.

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