The Nerds In Cool Clothing made their debut of their first studio album “Front Of The Class” with record attendance in Calgary, Alberta, Canada back in 2011 and haven’t lost momentum yet! Their unique blend of nerdy G-Funk hip hop and organically inspired rhythms and vocals mix incredibly well with their unpredictably contrasted group dynamic. Their aim was to make music that didn’t follow the simple top 40 structure and according to their fans the goal has been reached and exceeded without trashing what good classy music should sound like. They are ramping up to release their second studio album early next year and it will surly not disappoint any new or old fans in its attempt to revolutionize music lovers opinion of what hip hop is and should be!

Entertwine: Who are the Nerds In Cool Clothing?

The members are all brothers, Devon, Tyler, & Matthew Jones

What can you tell us about the group?

After working hard to develop a sound on our own and struggling in a city, not prominently supportive of hip hop music, we decided to band together and tackle the task collectively and have honed in on a sound unmatched by any other artist. Think old school funk meets new age innovation. A mix of the clever rhymes of Biggie and the smooth and rhythmic deliver of Macklemore.

What is the significance of your stage name?

We are truly nerds at heart. We sit in front of a computer day and night messing with programs to get what we want out of our music. But being musicians we have that rock star phenomenon that makes us just a little cooler than normal nerds. So like a wolf in sheep’s clothing we are Nerds. In cool clothing.


What has been your experience with the Calgary, Alberta music scene?

Calgary is a country town. Best known for the best outdoor show on earth. The Stampede. It’s a cowboy driven extravagantly organized as a giant rodeo and fair. Trying to gain traction in the hip hop scene in “cow town” hasn’t been the easies task but we were up for the challenge. It has what has been the biggest driving factor in our creative process. We had to ask ourselves how can we design and develop a sound with a hip hop background that can still appeal to all genre lovers? So far we’ve been incredibly successful gaining loving fans from all over our city. And because of the incredible strength and dedication from the fans we have in our hometown we’ve been able to shine in other parts of the world as well including the UK and United Stated!

What is it like living in Calgary?

Cold. Really cold. We get 2 months of summer and even then we never know what the day is gonna bring us. The people are wonderfully friendly though. That’s what has driven us to stay in our city instead of running to the major hubs of music culture like Toronto or Vancouver. Oh, and the girls here are the most beautiful you’ll find on this entire planet.Trust us!

What can you tell us about your involvement with 3 Entertainment Inc?

Two of the members of the group Devon and Tyler are on the board of directors and one is the CEO. Self sufficient artists are the new age of musical development and we want to be way ahead of the curve on that front.

Could you tell us about your debut release “Front of the Class” that the group released in 2011?

When we released the album we threw a handful of shows all over the city and had some local promoters attend. When they saw how well we performed on stage it opened doors to some very big exposure that we could have only dreamed of getting. We ended up opening for some really major artists including J. Holiday, Shaggy, Prevail of Swollen Members, and the legendary group 2 Live Crew. So we guess you could say it was a success. Now we’re working on the final stages of releasing our second studio album “Teachers Pet” set to launch in the spring of 2015

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How has the group progressed musically and personally since this initial release?

We unfortunately lost a member in the beginning of 2014 and had to reshuffle the music we had been working on. It was sad to see the member go but at the same time it really helped us to focus our sound and pinpoint what we really wanted to achieve as a group.

The group has quite the active YouTube channel; how are you able to remain so consistent and professional with the videos you publish?

The best part of what we do is the whole DIY dedication to bringing our fans new content as regularly as possible. We have a really great team that helps to create, inspire, develop, and release new stuff on a regular basis.

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