Who are THE NOTIONARIES? A 4-piece Alternative Rock band from the Midwest. They are: Lamar Fite, Logan Rine, Nick Patrick, Andrew Hise! The Notionaries are an infectious and high spirited band showing a wide-eyed view of the world from a young person’s eyes! We got to interview The Notionaries and get to know them and their music a bit better – you want to listen to this band, and of course read the interview below too – you wont be disappointed!

Entertwine: How did the members of the band meet and begin writing music and performing together?

Nick and I (Logan) have been playing together for a group called Abandon Kansas for close to two years now, I met Lamar and Andrew three or so years ago ago through mutual friends in Oklahoma City. Those guys have been playing music together for 5+ years in various groups but were playing in a local OKC band called Good Culture around the time that we began pitching the idea of writing together.

What is each member’s role?

Andrew Hise is our drummer dude, Logan Rine is our Lead guitar guy, Lamar Fite is our sexy singer-guitar-keys guy, and Nick Patrick is our ballin Bassist.

What is the significance of the band’s name?

The band name comes from the borrowing of several different ideas but we wanted to inspire each other (inside & outside of this group) to not just carry a notion, the idea or hope of something, a passion for music, creativity, connection to others, whatever it might be, but to live out our entire lives in such a way that it becomes our purpose or our mission to live an inspired and positive existence and inspire others who have that same notion or hope of a life meant for more than just settling for comfort and security, but going out to live a passionate existence. It draws from the ideas of inspiring and growing the notion of passion to the point that it becomes somewhat of mission.

Tell us about your single ‘Excited Eyes’; what was the writing and recording process like for this particular song?

‘Excited Eyes’ is actually the product of our first jam session. It’s the beginning of a story. The process was a whirlwind. We jammed, we talked, we tracked, and a month or so later, we were on the phone with our friend and producer Dustin Burnett talking plans. He penciled us in for studio time in May of 2014 and this track was what kick started this project.

Is there any other music you’ll be releasing in the near future?

Absolutely! Yes, we’re happy to announce that we are headed back to Nashville the first week of March, 2015 to begin tracking with Dustin Burnett again to build a five song EP.1602137_1576091649272564_2953743518780694913_o

Could you tell us about some of the most exciting and interesting live performances the band has been a part of? 

We have yet to play any live performances actually. From the very beginning of this project we hoped to somehow pull off signing with a label and being able to jump on shows through label and booking connections that would gain us solid exposure before hitting the road all on our own pockets. We’ve all been grinding it out and been broke for a bit now chasing our dreams in this industry, so this was our first opportunity at experimenting with creating our own business model and trying to somehow get a quick start.

What went into the making of the music video for ‘Excited Eyes”?

This music video was a mixture of efforts and inspirations. Some really close friends of ours from a production unit in Kansas City, MO heard us out on our concept for this adventure, journey, sci-fi-esque, cinematic type of story and they loved it. The music video, while scripted was made up almost entirely of candid shots of these three refugee or escapee type characters on the run from someone or something while trying to survive and somehow make the best of it. We shot it around the greater Kansas City area and all over the freezing February wilderness of eastern Kansas. So. Cold.

What does 2015 hold in store for The Notionaries?

2015 is looking like one of the greatest years in all of our lives so far. So many more video ideas are being pitched around from live performances to short films and of course other music vids. We’re already booked for a really fun festival slot at Denver Day of Rock Fest in May and cannot wait to hit the road and play as many places as we possibly can, maybe even internationally…

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