The Polaris appears to be just as the name suggests a beacon to head towards! A four piece alternative Indie rock band from the UK that isn’t trying to be like every other band but rather just themselves, and I dare say creating some really catchy thumping rock to go along with it too. A band that is truly able to use real life experiences to craft melodic and chart worthy music. A true band that deserves more exposure into the wider world.

Who would you say you sound like? Who are your musical influences as a band? What is the significance of the band’s name?

Each one of us has really different musical tastes, which makes our influences very divers and this does affect our sound that we really do have a mixture with each song, ranging from dark and moody, hard alternative rock, indie and even your good old chart pop. The band name is derived from the northern star, in that it might not be the brightest star in the sky but it can always be found and will always be there, it was merely an off the cuff remark one night after Stewart and Dan were writing and walked outside on a clear night.

What is it like living in Coventry? What is the music scene of your hometown like? Could you tell us about some of your most recent live performances?

The music scene in Coventry is starting to grow a lot over the past 12 months a lot of bands have started to work together to hold nights and really start stirring the mix up a little. We recently supported ‘I am Giant’ at a venue called the Custard Factory in Birmingham, and we were really shocked and honoured with the crowd that followed us to the place which was actually more than the headline. We love playing live and feeding off the crowd.

What experiences and events led to the writing and recording of your new EP? What can you tell us about your single, along with the other featured tracks?

This EP titled ‘The Beginnings End’ is a mark of a new chapter for the band, we have moved a great deal in 2014 and wanted to release our debut to reflect our growth and establish a stone in the ground to remember that. The songs are all very personal and heartfelt and this symbolises a position that we are in as a band to stand together and face the future. Our song Daddy was the first song written by Stewart and Dan and so had to be on the debut, the remaining songs are to highlight how we like to write songs in a catchy and melodic manner whilst writing about very personal experiences.

You have a number of social networking pages; which is your favourite platform? Why? What does 2015 hold in store for The Polaris? Do you have upcoming performances in the United Kingdom?

I think it changes every day, social networking is such a crucial element in today’s music world, but I think its our website which we launched towards the end of 2014 we are most proud of, as this is a simple way for anyone to really find out about us, we post regular blogs and media work along with videos and music and also add a free game to play and be ranked to win prizes each month. But of course Facebook is the current reigning king in regards to contacting people and quickly sharing ideas and just general idiotic thoughts. In 2015 we have already started to gig and of course release our EP, we hope to write an entire new set for the summer when we start to play some open air festivals.

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