Cleveland HipHop artist Thy Muel has been around for what most would consider a short while, but has continued to leave his mark on the scene. Along with long time friends/producers Dj KillaKam and Zach Varsa, their latest release Humble Pie has gained them international attention and respect from many within in the music industry. With a unique and diverse array of song and style, it is no wonder that they are rising up to what most artists can only dream to become. Branding and fan interaction are key – with new members of “ThyFam” surfacing each day, it is exciting to wonder just how far they can go. We asked Thy Muel a few questions about the start of his career and where is headed in 2014.

Entertwine: How did you get into the hip-hop scene? What was your musical upbringing like, and what attracted you to it?

Thy Muel: I was born into a family of musicians, and was drumming every day by age 5 – started writing and recording around age 14. By 18 we started playing shows and putting out serious releases. What attracted me the most is the fact that self expression comes so easily when translated through music.

ET: How would you describe your music in three words?

TM: Delicious, Nutritious, Ambitions (see what I did there)

ET: Tell us about your latest release, “Humble Pie.” What makes this release different than your others?

TM: Well we set out to make a conceptual record, one that flowed consistently and carried the same general message. It’s up and down, positive and negative, but speaks where we’re at in that moment. We struggle to gain ground but always remain positive and work to achieve our goals. Compared to our earlier releases it is more mature, has better and more substance people can relate to. Looking back on everything else it shows the growth involved with pushing on and not letting minor setbacks destroy the path to our ultimate destination.

ET: What kind of message do you strive to get out to your listeners through your music?

TM: Anything is possible and if you want something bad enough just work your ass off to achieve it

ET: What is the story behind the name Thy Muel? What does it mean to have your friends and producers, DJ KillaKam and Zach Varsa joining you on this journey in the hip hop scene?

TM: Well my birth name is Samuel, so shorten that to “Muel” and add “Thy” instead of “The”, sounds more classy and stands out. Being able to make music with best friends is the ultimate reward. No matter where the music takes us or how far we go, at the end of the day its something we’ll always have in common and can relate on. The easiest thing in the world is to sit down with people you care about and make something special. No matter what happens, we always have each other’s backs and know that we are in to win it. Best feeling in the world.

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