TommyDeep, a 26 year old DJ and producer who has been making waves in the underground dance community as of late. He lives for music and loves experimenting with new sounds to create his own unique interpretation of what he feels is strong club based music rooted around soul. This passion is the most powerful weapon he has notwithstanding his technical expertise of over 10 years for audio engineering, sound design, musical theory, mixing and mastering techniques and more. The power of TommyDeep comes from his energetic and melodic music that takes you to an otherworldly place and the translation is one deep metaphysical emotion.

Could you tell us a bit about your musical background? What led you to begin DJing, producing, and composing music in the first place?

TommyDeep: I was born and grew up in an artistic environment, my mother works in dance and theater since I was born, then you can say that I was born with music inside!  I started studying keyboard and music theory at the age of 11 years and from my 13 years I’ve installed for the first time Reason with a midi keyboard, so I created my first CD to be heard to friends. Towards the age of 16 I got in touch with the way underground rave tachno and in no time I created my set up to play for the first few times my live set with Ableton music techno / hardtechno, I was in the scene RAVE techno European four years playing here and there, I recorded one vinyl and 5 cd’s that were sold during my live around. Towards the 20 years I decided I had to build a profession around my passion so I left for the Netherlands to study at the SAE Institute in Amsterdam. In Holland I changed immediately genre going from hardtechno to trance and lately to progg-house, changing slowly until you get to my sound today.

Where are you originally from? What is the music scene of your hometown like?

I’m Italian and I live in Rome, but the electronic scene in my city is still a bit weak and not because there isn’t talent but because edm hasn’t fully dominated here yet, but eventually edm will take over Italy as it is taking over rapidly in other places.

What can you tell us about the experience of studying audio engineering and production in both Italy and at SAE Institute in Holland?

As I said before my idea has always been to build a profession around my passion … this is why I chose to study in Italy and in the wonderful SAE Institue of Amsterdam where I had the opportunity to study in studies professional with real professionals and in that school I gained most of my knowledge, but in return I left my heart in that city … where sooner or later it will come back to live …

What life experiences and events inspired the writing and recording of your upcoming release “King Louie”? Is this your first single as an Insomnified artist?

Ok .. King Louis is a long story! Starting with the fact that it is the Disney character that I most care of my childhood.  I was in my studio writing a new piece but at the time it wasn’t yet King Louie. In the final stage I felt that something was missing, like a personal touch … a soul! so I began to search among the various cd sample of Acapellas a good vocal for the break, and all of a sudden I heard this voice that reminded me of the Disney character from my childhood.  It was perfect for the melody I originally created, I listened to text and found the great irony about life from hollywood stars… I loved this too… from there I began to create a bassline that looked like a gorilla and added the sound cartoon mixed sounds progressive house edm and the result was KING LOUIE!

I have also edited a video with parts of the cartoon disney and it worked, it was very nice!king louie is my first release on Insomnified Music … and I love this song

Does Insomnified work with each of the labels listed on your Facebook page? Is their utilization of global & territorial resources / listenership the reason you went with the label in the first place?

I became aware of Insomnified through a friend of mine Mark Nails, also DJ & producer who has recently released ’The Duke’ on Insomnified.  I saw the type of art-work Insomnified uses for the releases and immediately liked their concept, then I heard more of their releases and I thought it was the perfect home of King Louie!TD_Seduto_copy

What can you tell us about each of the tracks you have featured on your Soundcloud page?

There are 3 release with Sliced Records label of Dutch friends all oriented kind of electro-progressive house style dutch, there is a single with my friend violinist Virginia Galliani a progressive house track with a climax very epic and melodic, then there are some remixes and bootlegs that usually I create for my DJ sets and then I put in free download for all!

What is your favorite social networking platform? Why?

I have no preference of social networks, I use them almost all although mainly Facebook & Twitter

Who are your biggest musical influences? Why?

My musical influences depart from classical to techno arrive darker … I do not do names because I should write lines and lines because listening a lot of music and each one in its own way gives me inspiration!

What are your favorite activities or hobbies outside of music?

The music takes me a long time and, between work & passion is little the time left and I don’t have other particular hobbies, in my free time I like to cook, hang out with friends, go to pubs and clubs but sometimes I just like to watch movie or TV series at home

What does 2015 hold in store for Tommy Deep? A full-length release, perhaps?

I have three unpublished almost finished, some more collaborations in progress! Well I can say that you will surely have a lot to listen to.

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