Singer/songwriter/artist, Tony Ortega (from Covina, CA), performed under various monikers and in a few different bands in his teens and early twenties, before entering the world of ‘solo artist’, using his own name, in 2013. He currently has a single on iTunes and is working on a debut record. You might see him play live, with a band, solo, or maybe singing to prerecorded tracks at your party. We interviewed Tony and asked him about his start in music, what his sound means to him, and got the scoop on his new single, “Let It Rain,” out NOW!

Entertwine: How did you get your start in music, and when did you realize it was something you really wanted to pursue?

Tony Ortega: I started out playing in a few different bands in high school and after that, and I really committed to the idea of playing music for a living around 2002. Then I wavered for a long time. Now I’m in it for the long haul, though. It feels good.

ET: What kind of music would you say has influenced your sound? If someone asked you to describe your music in there words, what would they be?

TO: My sound has really developed organically, over time. I have written and performed in a solo folk act, a ska/punk band, an experimental rap/pop/musique concréte project (called Wwiidobe). Really, my goal now is to focus all my different sonic interests into one, cohesive artist’s presentation. I’m like the Michael Jackson version of myself, if that makes sense.

ET: How do you feel branching from being in a band to becoming a solo artist has further developed you as a musician?

TO: I have experience performing solo, so it’s all pretty natural; it takes practice and preparation for both. I enjoy the intimacy of a solo performance, but ultimately, I definitely prefer playing with a band.

ET: Who or what influences you most when you write music? and lyrics?

TO: My influences are pretty much my own experiences and feelings, reflections on what I read/learn from the Bible, and also different inspirations/ideas that I have. I tend to think a lot about songwriting.
ET: Tell us a little bit about your latest single, “Let it Rain.” What is this song about, and what was the writing and recording process like?

TO: “Let It Rain” is about trusting; how something that might seem bad might actually be very good. I recorded it at my mom’s house in Covina.

ET: What is next for Tony Ortega?

TO: More shows, more music!

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