Out of Houston, TX comes musical artist Trevor Lee; with high energy followed by precisely arranged music and performance. The diversity in his music allows him to cross all demographic boundaries. After one listen, you’ll find yourself putting all of his music on consistent repeat. We caught up with Trevor and asked him a bit about his upbringing and why he decided music was his plan. We also got the inside scoop on some of his favorite Youtube productions, as well as future releases and works!

Could you tell us about your background? What was it like growing up in Huntsville, Alabama? What encouraged you to begin writing and performing in the first place?

Trevor Lee: I was born to an incredible woman who faced pregnancy without my biological father. At first this was not entirely apparent to me that I was “fatherless”. I was always troubled with a hot temper, combined with A.D.H.D. and a need for extra attention. One story was told to me how 2 Sunday school teachers quit because of my endless troublesome behavior. However, my mother invested me into sports early, which helped focus me, and later into the arts. At age 13 I my mother passed down her guitar that was given to her by my grandmother when she was the same age. I dove in head first and taught myself how to play. By the age of 14 i was begging my mother to by me composition software for Christmas and nothing else. A year later, a friend and I had put together a group and were performing all throughout our local county. My mother saw how diligent and determined we were, and decided to invest in our first official 1240063_669091806436801_1890237196_nalbum. Honestly, we wasted a lot of money and it was horrible quality, but it was a start. And well, “the rest is history” as they say.

What is it like living in Houston, Texas? What can you tell us about your experience within the music scenes of Houston?

Texas is a great state! I moved to Galveston, TX at age 10. I attribute my “swagger” to the fact that my foundation of southern hospitality and gentlemanliness was set in Alabama, then I spent my core adolescent development in Galveston, TX. Culture shock is a great description of what i felt. I didn’t really fit with any one crowd, so I was friends with everyone. But my closest friends were black, and with me being the only Caucasian in my group of immediate friends, I got the chance to develop an unique perspective and outlook on life.

The one thing I love about Houston, is it’s authenticity and consistent attachment to it’s music history. I believe you can tell when an artist is from or out of Houston because the influence of Houston’s history is so strong. There is always somewhere to perform and share your music if you seek it out. But not only that, the ability to produce and create high quality music is at your fingertips here. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Brandon Garza, Cameron Giddings, Bruce Bang… the list could go on. I’ve been able to work on visual productions with Lil Keke, Brian Angel, Mike Jones, and former Texan NFL Safety Q. Demps. Overall, if you are talented, determined, and capable the sky is the limit here in Houston. My favorite experiences in Houston have been, performing with Big Daddy Weave at the Bayou Music Center and Ngen radio’s “Boomin'” at Discovery Green.

What is overall message or theme you hope listeners take away from the music you create?

When it comes to the music I create, my goal is to literally affect change or alteration in the listener’s mood, feelings, heart, etc… I want a listener to be soothed, experience growth, happiness, encouragement or however the music leads them. I just want to connect to the listener directly through the music and have an honest experience with them as I did when creating it.992841_10101387455031087_1953756594_n

You have an incredible variety of videos on your YouTube channel; could you tell us about a few of your favorites?

Thanks for noticing. 🙂 My top favorite video is the music video for “Bravo” because is composed of candid capturing over an entire year of my life. You really get to see the work I put in on a daily basis. Another favorite would be the skydiving Lyric video for “Late Days Long Nights”. that was an incredible experience and completely related to the song. I guess my 3rd favorite would be all of the candid moments we release. I’m a huge fan of breaking the wall down sometimes between the listener and myself.

What does 2015 hold in store for Trevor Lee? Do you have any upcoming live performances scheduled?

2015 is going to be a big year of releases for new music, but even more so our live show productions. We have been and are in heavy development of our live shows. i want people to come to our shows and feel as though they truly saw and experienced an entertaining and excellent production. Our last live performance before we go underground to record and continue producing our live shows is at the Houston Hunger Awards, where my single “Take Me Home” is nominated for single of the year. And in a musically unrelated note, I’m nominated for “Director of the Year” as well. Info is at www.hungerawards.com

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