Hip-Hop Artist “Unified Giants” is brand new “Retro style” of Music at its finest, whose music production is equally melodic and straight forward as it is energic and relentless – thanks to the impressive rap flow this has made every single song and album a complete musical experience onto themselves.

ET: Tells us a little about Unified Giants. How did you get your start into the rap scene?

I started by just freestyle rapping in ciphers …but it was until a local Dj by the name of DJ Pro out of Long Beach California had offered me a chance to record in the studio at the age of 15 and upon that initial experience …my desire was sparked to simply hear myself on the microphone again and that led to people liking what I was saying on the song …so I just continued to create

ET: What does the name Unified Giants stand for?

Unified Giants is a name given to myself as it stands for “the one man, in the same sense as king david from the bible. Where i am the one man and what i stand for… as being the single reason that the Giants of world had unified together to prevent the son of mankind from rising up.


ET: What inspires your lyrics?

I am inspired by truth as each song I write is a soul searching experience …where I document experiences and even to a certain extent I try to surprise myself… in return becoming a fan of myself… To the extent of me being excited to hear what’s next.

ET: If you could describe your music in three words, what would those words be?

World Wide Music

ET: What is your main goal for Unified Giants? What do you look forward to getting out of your music career?

The main goal is to tour and to tour extensively internationally and nationally and to build a fan base organically just to get them familiar with the Unified Giants brand just so it can support a career with a solid foundation


ET: Where can readers listen to some of your music?

The best place to listen to the music is at http://www.MusicForTheDJ.com where you can listen to the music via a soundcloud.com media with an option to buy as well as watch music videos.

(NSFW: Features Explicit Language)

ET: Anything else you would like to add to the interview?

Yeah I just want to people to support the music if this is a movement that you can get with and rock to!

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