Producer Versatile Traxx hustle was evidenced on his very first day in Atlanta. Having just graduated from college in the Summer of 2010, he drove to the ‘A’, bags and Business Degree still unpacked in the trunk of his car — but Versatile Traxx didn’t drive first to his house to unpack, or so he could post his resume for jobs on Monster.com. Instead, he headed straight to a beat battle at Club Miami, an A-Town hotspot known for tough competition and impromptu performances by hip-hop star artists like Gucci Mane, Future, Migoz, Future who show up to perform. He currently runs a production team “Beat Pharmacist, ” which houses a team of producers and writer — working with many artist from all around the country.

Entertwine: How did you get your start into the Hip Hop scene? What attracted you to this genre over all others?

Versatile Traxx: I got my first start into the hip hop scene when I was 10 years old, me and my cousin/right hand man, Brandon”Jyst B.”Fleming. We would always listen to artist like, 2pac, Biggie, Jayz, Three Six Mafia, Master P, Yo Gotti. I fell in love with the culture and decided I wanted to become apart of it.

ET: For musicians, sometimes college isn’t the first option to jumpstarting a music career, but you completed and graduated from Philander Smith college in 2010. How do you feel this experience either positively or negatively influenced your career as a producer?

VT: I think the experience of going to college impacted me positively, because I met some of the realest homies. It also taught me how to stand on my own two feet, through the good and bad times. Ultimately it gave me lots of time to perfect my craft, producing music. I would make at least 4­-5 beats per day.

ET: Who or what influences you to write and produce the tracks that you have published?

VT: To be honest, I influence myself for the most part. Everyday I am able to wake up, I thank God for the ability and drive. My parents, family, friends and fans also influence me everyday. If it weren’t for there support and belief, I would not be who I am today.

ET: Besides producing tracks, you have an interest in participating in beat battles, which im sure is a challenging but exhilarating experience. Tell us how you got into doing beat battles, and how you get into the zone to do these battles.

VT: I got into beat battles when I moved to Atlanta. Searching online, I found a beat battle and decided to sign up. I lost the battle but soon received an email about an iStandard Beat battle held at an A3C(All 3 Coasts) event. This event is the largest hip hop event in the U.S. I was judged by legendary producers, Justice League, Dj Toomp, Focus, and Tha Bizness. These were producers that worked with Jay­z, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Kanye West, Dr. Dre and many more.

ET: What is one of your favorite tracks you have produced, and why?

VT: My favorite track I produced has to be “Ask 4 Nuthin” by Bam Bizzle, a rapper from Washington D.C. Our styles connect like dots. Every time we create a song its a hit, just being honest.

ET: What’s next for Versatile Traxx in 2014? Any big plans?

VT: 2014 is the launch of “Beat Pharmacist” productions, a team of producers and writers. Our motto is “Every Beat Is a Drug” We plan to get everyone addicted to our drugs(Beats). We plan to continue grinding non­stop with no days off, networking with hungry artist, writer, and producers.

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