Emcee Viktor Rasiia is welcoming fans to his world with the release of his new mixtape The Viktor Rasiia Show. Viktors mixtape is a uniquely stylized rap record that possesses the raw sound and style of a street cipher, combined with the thematic ideas of a mainstream record. Ras, as he called by those close to him describes himself as an Emcee, Artist, and New World Philospher. Download his latest mixtape “The Viktor Rasiia Show” at

Entertwine: Where and when did you get your start rhyming and making mixtapes?

Viktor Rasiia: I’ve been rhyming for 17 years. I started when i was 19. A Friend of a friend introduced me to inspektah deck from the Wu tang clan. He took me under his wing and introduced me to the game, ive been chasing that white rabbit ever since.

ET: What kind of musical background do you have that led you to create music?

VR: I was really into dancing when I was a little kid, back when dancing was the sh*t, Kid and play, father mc….etc As the culture changed I started focusing on developing my vocabulary and writing ryhmes.

ET: What kind of things or people influenced you to start pursuing music, and why?

VR: I come from a very creative family. My dad is a free lance photogtapher and my mother was a gospel singer. Me being from the hip hop generation that was the way I felt most comfortable expressing my own creativity, first dancing then rhyming… I’ve always had a love affair with words.

ET: Where are you from, and how has your hometown or homestate influenced the way you create music?

VR: I’m originally from Baltimore but live in the D.C. Area now. Baltimore is a very dramatic, hard working and passionate city, all of those things I’ve implemented into my creative process.

ET: Tell us about some of your live show experiences. What kind of experience were those like?

VR: My first real show I opened up for krs-one. That was a huge confidence booster, if I could share the stage with a legend like that and not get booed I must be pretty good…lol
Ive shared the stage with, rah digga, the entire wu tang clan, dru hill and others.

ET: What was the inspiration for your latest mixtape, “The Viktor Rasiia Show?” What does this mixtape represent?

VR: Its just a showcase of my range as an emcee/songwriter and my way of showing off my lyrical/musical abilities. The viktor rasiia show is a play on words, it really means showcase or showing rather then a show like a performance, kinda like when a realtor shows a house. Its more of me selling myself to new potential fans honestly like hey check out what i can do with words.

ET: How is this mixtape different from your past releases?

VR: I used all outside producers, my earlier projects I produced myself

ET: You describe your sound as a rap record that possesses the “raw sound and style of a street cipher, combined with the thematic ideas of a mainstream record.” What exactly do you mean by this? 

VR: I tried to make songs that would attract the mainstream audience but at the same time still use witty metaphors and punchlines that a true hip hop head could appreciate

ET: What main message do you try to get across to your listeners? 

Im an artist. I love to create and I take my craft very seriously. I want my fans to know that when they hear my music they are not just hearing a marketing idea but a genuinely thought out creative work.

ET: What is next for Emcee Viktor Rasiia? 

VR: Dropping a series of tribute songs starting in July. The first one is a biggie tribute. They say imitation is the sincerest form off flattery so I really tried to invoke his spirit and channel it into the track.

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