Active since early 2012, VileBorn is one of the fastest rising hard rock acts in the country. They are notorious for their energized and sometimes-shocking live performances, and boast their own brand of groovy, heavy yet catchy hard rock/ heavy metal. The band released their debut studio EP “Vileated” in early 2014 to critical acclaim and are currently planning their east coast United States tour.

Entertwine: How did VileBorn form as a band? Was metal always the genre you all wanted to pursue?

VB: VileBorn definitely formed with the intent to be a heavy band. We came together in the beginning of 2012 and we weren’t exactly sure what direction we wanted to go in but as we jammed together our sound started forming and all of our individual influences came out and blended together.

ET: Is there a certain story behind the band name, “VileBorn?” Do you feel that it accurately depicts you all as a band?

VB: We couldn’t agree on a name for the longest time. We were “Ravage the Savage” at one point. So we ended up putting two other ideas we had together into one word and came up with “Vileborn”… Which can mean “Born Evil” or “bad to the bone” essentially.

ET: If you could describe your sound in three words, what would they be? If you asked your fans to describe your music in three words, what would you hope that they would be?

VB: Heavy, Groovy, Energy. We’d hope our fans would say “Best Music Ever” but they’d probably say Heavy, Groovy, Energy.

ET: You guys are known for energized, and sometimes shocking performances – what is one of the more “shocking” shows you have performed, and why?

VB: Well, to be honest, you can’t shock anybody these days…But we have set things on fire, broken bottles on our heads, incited fights, destroyed our instruments… There’s blood sometimes. We’re blacklisted at a few places. But that’s rock and roll, we’re getting out our own aggressions, we’re expressing ourselves. We like to get as loud and as loose as the audience so we can all rock out together. It creates a bond.


ET: You all released your debut EP, “Vileated,” early this year. Tell us what this EP represents, and what the reaction has been like from fans.

VB: The Vilated EP represents everything that happened to us in the year 2013. We went through several line-up changes, incarcerations, and set-back after set-back. It represents the culmination of a plan that had been in the works for almost two years. It shows how much we’ve improved as songwriters and musicians since we came together…It blows our original “2012 Demo” out of the water 1,000%

ET: What do you look to do in 2014 in order to continue VileBorn’s success as a band? Any tours? Festivals? Releases?

VB: We’re currently in the process of booking an East Coast US tour, and we’re writing and perfecting new music for a second EP or maybe even a full length due out by Fall 2014. We’re just going to keep playing and writing and recording and having a good time with it. We don’t plan to stop or slow down any time soon.

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