Whiskey N’ Rye is the top roots-rock band in Seattle (Reverbnation) and is known for its explosive live show. The band formed in 2013 behind the eponymously-titled debut album written by singer/songwriter Philip Lindholm, and is now touring behind the new record, taking on the road a contemporary sound that draws heavily and unabashedly upon classic blues, rock, and Americana influences. Enjoy our interview with Philip Lindholm of Whiskey N’ Rye below.

ET: How did Whiskey N’ Rye form, and how did you settle on the roots/rock genre? 

Philip Lindholm: Whiskey N’ Rye came together gradually after I finished writing and recording the debut album, and it was the album that gave us a platform for developing the live show. The more we rehearsed, the swampier and “rootsier” the sound become. The second album reflects that swampy sound that has become our signature.

ET: What’s the story behind the name, “Whiskey N’ Rye?” 

PL: The band name superficially comes from Don McLean’s song “American Pie,” but the story runs deeper. The first track of the first album is called “Bootlegger” and the rest of the album draws upon that culture and vibe surrounding the production of illegal moonshine – driving fast on midnight roads, the implicit sexuality of the south, wanting desperately to be and feel free. All the said, the use of the apostrophe in “N'” draws directly upon the same use in Guns N’ Roses, a major influence for me growing up. As rootsy as we are, there are very real punk and rock elements.

ET: How has your hometown of Seattle and it’s music scene impacted the way you all see and write music? 

PL: Seattle and its scene is implicit in the music. The streets inform the characters, and the characters embody the stories told by the songs. Seattle is in the fabric of the music.

ET: Tell us about your debut album that is being released in 2014. How does this album encapsulate Whiskey N’ Rye as a whole?

PL: I’m not sure it does, actually. Since the band came on board after the record was finished, the music is starting to take on new life that reflects all our influences. It’s exciting.

ET: What are your future plans for the rest of 2014 and beyond?

PL: Madison Square Garden!

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