Not so much a band as a paradigm for the philosophical shifting of corporate infrastructure that has taken over the planet, WHITE BRONCO prides themselves on deconstructing the illusion of media-conglomerate-indoctrination through middle fingers, bottles of bourbon and decibel-defying guitar solos. On their debut EP WHITE BRONCO LIVES, the Chicago band channels frustrations of soulless careers, intoxicant overdoses, failed Tinder dates and the general displeasure of waking up in the morning only to find you’re still a mule for The Man. Their live performances are a chaotic spectacle to behold – and make sure not to let them anywhere near your mothers. God forbid… Check out this one-of-a-kind interview with White Bronco below….beware. 😉

Entertwine: Could you give us some insight into the band’s origination? How did the members of the band meet and begin creating music together? What is the significance of the band’s name?

White Bronco: We ascended from the bowels of hell, four forsaken souls who were exiled from Satan’s layer for excess mischief and frequent intoxication. Once we came back to Earth, we worked at a Red Lobster, making clam chowders and stealing cheesy biscuits. Needless to say we were banned from there as well, so we just decided to make music for hellions who are discontent with society… WHITE BRONCO is a heroin reference…

ET: What can you tell us about the music scene of Chicago, Illinois? Who are some of your favorite bands to perform with?

WB: The music scene of Chicago is still relatively new to the souls of WHITE BRONCO, but nevertheless, we dig what we hear. I will say, it seems like many bands in Chiraq are stealing R Kelly’s sound, but I suppose imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. There’s an excellent Acid-Polka scene going on that we’re definitely trying to break into. We’ve dug playing with bands like Bundy’s Nitemare, Gacy’s Vasectomy and of course Dahmer’s Doppelgangers.whitebroncolive7

ET: What life experiences and events led to the writing and recording of your EP “White Bronco Lives”? What was it like working on this record with Barrett Guzaldo at Treehouse Records? Could you tell us the stories behind a few of the featured tracks?

WB: Our guitarist Gus was going through some rough times. He was heavily into Elmer’s glue and bacon, pretty much consuming three bottles and four pounds a day. Most of the songs are about how tough it was seeing him go through this whole ordeal, but we’re glad he’s finally recovered now. The other songs are about how much we hate police. Barrett is a wizard with a huge shaft and Treehouse Records will own this bitch one day. “Bedhead” is actually about receiving dome and regretting it shortly after.

ET: Who are your biggest musical influences as a band? 

WB: That’s a tough question. Savage Garden obviously had a huge impact on our sound and lifestyle. Boston and Jet are also great, but after my restraining order against the bassist of Jet, it’s been hard to listen to them again. Also, even though he’s not a musician, Dennis Quaid really influences our songs as well.

ET: What do the remaining months of 2014 hold in store for White Bronco?

WB: Hopefully gettin’ handys in alleys, opening for a Sister Hazel tribute band, getting acquitted of my DUI charges and melting faces in Chiraq all winter long son. BANG BANG!!! WHITE BRONCO LIVES!!!

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