WillOvid is a 16 year old singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. He has been playing and performing since the age of 7. He is trying to bring back feel good rock n’ roll to a generation who needs it. We spoke to Will about his start in music and where he’s planning to go next!

You’ve been performing since you were seven, right? What inspired you to begin writing music? When did you begin writing?

Yes I have been performing since I was 7 years old, right around the time I started guitar lessons. I was inspired to start writing my own music because I wanted to express some thoughts and feelings that called out for a song. I just organically began writing lyrics while I was playing my guitar. I’m really a guitar player first so the songwriting was born of my guitar melodies.

What is it like living in Los Angeles? Did you grow up there as well? What has been your experience with the different music scenes of Los Angeles?

Living in Los Angeles has always been great, I love it. Yes I was born and raised here. My experience with the music scene here in LA is that it’s incredibly diverse. It encompasses as many genres as you can imagine so there is musical inspiration everywhere and a camaraderie amongst the musicians that is really awesome.

What life experiences and events led to the writing and recording of your new single ‘Coming Home’?

My song ?Coming Home? is based on those days we all have when you are trying to get home to family and friends after a long day and you feel like you can?t get to the ones you love fast enough. I had the song in my head for a long time and really wanted to record it and I finally found a great producer to record with.

What musical instruments and amplifiers do you use live and in studio?

For live performances I use a Les Paul Traditional Electric Guitar through a Fender Blues Deluxe Amplifier, for an acoustic performance I use my Ibanez through a Fender Acoustasonic. And during my most recent in studio recording, I mostly used a Les Paul Studio ’60s Tribute guitar and the same Ibanez straight into the interface.

What does 2015 hold in store for Will Ovid? 

Well 2015 going to be a busy year for me, I’m going to be dropping several singles as well as my album. Look for my next single to drop on February 14th! I’m also going to be doing some touring as well as appearances during the year starting in January!

My long term goal is to be able to follow my musical passion for a very long time. And I plan to continue to do my part, to bring back Classic Rock. You can find me everywhere, facebook, twitter, instagram, soundcloud, itunes etc. @WillOvid� thanxs!

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