Yah-Lanskey was born and raised Philly. His rap style is versatile and covers everything from the club to the corner. With a knack for wordplay and a deep but raspy voice his delivery makes him stand out. Join Yah-Lanskey as he is rising to fame one fan at a time – are you one yet? Check our interview with this one of a kind hip hop artist below!

How did you get into rap, why did you decide to start?

YL: I grew up on Hip-Hop as far as taking it serious it fell into my lap.I lived my music but wanted to write but the artist I dealt with ended up in prison and 1 was murdered and I always had a nice flow so who better then me to record and do the music I already had planned and written.

Who are your influences when writing – lyrically and musically?

YL: When writting I let the beat talk to me and write a hook.Or sometimes I may write a hook and find a beat that fits it.Musically as a fan I still listen to Naam Brigade a legendary group from my Hood and my cousin Nikki Flowerz they always got some hot lyrics.Of course I am a Jay-Z and Jeezy fan as well.

If you could describe your music in three words, what would they be?

YL: Original,Versatile, and Suprising

With all the competition in the game, what do you have to offer that makes you stand out beyond the rest?

YL: My flow and voice stand out and I drop some hot bars and Im kind of animated.

Out of all your tracks, which would you say is your favorite, and why?

YL: ” Ima Get Mines” because it describes my life good bad and ugly but my fans love my single “Pronto” its a hit.

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