If the name sounds familiar, don’t worry you aren’t going crazy – Cody Tyler, a past Entertwine Rising Artist feature is back, and this time with a brand spanking new single. The new song entitled, “Make it Happen,” in which he explains xxxxxx. We caught up with Cody this time around to get the inside scoop on his new single, the process of writing, and what he has been up to since our last interview back in January! Check out the interview below and make sure to check out the “connect” links at the bottom of the page to learn more about Cody Tyler and read our first installment of our interview from January 2014.

Entertwine: Cody! So good to have you back with us! What have you been up to since our last interview in January?

Cody Tyler: I have been working on new music and just honing my craft as a musician and trying to get solid foundation on the business side of my imprint and finding a way to move to LA to further myself. I wanted to come back strong with my own sound and have at least 2 full projects ready to go and that’s where I am at now plus a 3rd already 5 tracks in!

ET: What is the story behind your new single? What can fans expect from this new song?

CT: Everyone can expect a song you can dance to and feel very good because I see this as the world’s song! Everyone can relate. I was emailing with producers back and forth and one from basement beats sent me one and it was like about 3:30 in the morning and I played it, and it hit me like, “This is the one”! I had been writing a different song and scratched it and started on (the new single) “Make it Happen” The melody was so strong that I poured another drink and just started singing different hooks. For about a good week I had written 3 different songs and on the last try I got the hook, then the verses came easy because I had that strong hook. I liked all the different concepts I wrote but I just felt like I still needed to keep writing….and here we are.

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ET: What life experiences and events led to the writing and recording of your upcoming single ‘Make It Happen’?

CT: The feeling that we all want more… I sacrifice so much of my life to chase music and my vision that there is no other way but to make it. There is no “plan b” I wake up and go to sleep with my dream on my mind. Like I always want my fans and people in general to know that I understand them and I know we all want something more and we all want to hear something we can relate too and we all want to know that there is someone out there that is with us and with us naturally and not just faking it for publicity.


ET:What inspired you to release your EP “Vessel of Sacrifice: The Prequel” now (the album was recorded in 2012)?

CT: The fact that I don’t do anything if I don’t feel it. Like when I arrived to LA I was thinking, “How can I get a new campaign going?” I wanted to have a solid library of music to keep pushing and I wanted to have a concept on marketing and the EP set up a really good series of stories. I wanted everyone to know how my journey all started. That project was the very first serious collection I ever recorded.

ET: What can you tell us about the partnerships you’ve formed with Sweigh Inc. and Original Generation Clothing? Original Generation does some of your visual representation as well, correct?

CT: Well first with “Sweigh Inc.” it’s a partnership deal that just formed about 2 weeks ago and it came as I had gotten in touch with them and we had conference calls about what could be possible… They are a new company that has such a solid foundation and great staff that the App will be huge very soon! I couldn’t pass up being involved and they liked my image and what I have done my own so us together is history! Mark my words “Sweigh Inc.” is a very good app and could be better than twitter.

Original generation Clothing is a sheik Hip-hop clothing line that has 2 owners and I am in direct contact with named Alan Michael Reese who has very dedicated outlook on work ethic and spoke with me after my first online hit “mine” and liked the originality of my music and writing and I loved the designs and what they stood for. We have a collaboration coming soon with about 3 designs done. They have great quality product. They also are my graphic design team and they only do my covers for music projects.


ET: As noted in our last interview, you’ve overcome serious challenges to get where you are today; how has music aided in the rehabilitation/therapy process? What do the remaining months of 2014 hold in store for Cody Tyler?

CT: Music and my vision and purpose for why I do it have been the solid foundation for my “get up and go” attitude!

It has given me therapy and in my fight against my bipolar demons… It helps because I have an obsessive writing habit where if any feeling comes of sadness or just powerful emotions which are chronic for me I write about it whether it be on my “I phone” or at home with my pads. It has given me something to live for and truly believe in and chase. So with all the challenges and odds I face it helps me beat them. I feel like it saved my life!

For the rest of 2014 my free EP “Vessel of sacrifice the prequel: recordings of 2012” did well with over 100k streams… Next is my upcoming single “Make it happen” which releases nationwide October 6th, 2014 through my imprint “PurpleandStars Entertainment”. I also debut on Pandora before the year is out!! I also have a great LP “Vessel of sacrifice” which was finished before I moved here to LA. It releases in late December and the follow up 2nd single “Light Kid Era” in December as well!! I believe that I’m about to do great things before 2014 is out!! I ride for all of us!! If you have dreams that you truly are chasing for a purpose we are all “lightkidz”!!

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